10 Changes in your lifestyle to stop ageing

In this competitive world, stress is on high rise, which affect the lifestyle of everyone. This irregular lifestyle not only affect your health but also your beauty. Early ageing is a common trait nowadays. Today we are here with some solution(s) to stop this ageing process.

Here I am jotting down 10 changes in your lifestyle to avoid ageing in early state

1. Diet-

What we eat and what not, affects our health as well as our beauty. In this modern life, people like junk foods and consume coffee and tea like water. Nicotine, present in tea and caffeine present in coffee both affect the health & skin. Beside this, spicy and oily food are also the cause of unhealthy skin and ageing. One should take balanced diet for healthy body and healthy skin. 🙂


Smoking is fashion in all small or big cities. Smoking is injurious to health and a big reason of ageing. So if you want to look beautiful for longer period, then you should leave your smoking habit.

3. Slow your lifestyle-

In this rat race, stress affect our life very deeply. We have to slow our lifestyle in order to live long beautifully.

4. Exercise-

Exercise make your body fit and toned. It increases the blood circulation of the body and provide glowing skin. I am a regular Gym goer and make a point to exercise even in my travel. You have to include exercise, meditation, yoga or zumba dancing in your daily lifestyle.

Exercise help in detoxification of the body and prevent ageing. Exercise produces endorphin hormone, which removes the stress from your body. It is helpful in making healthy dermis layer of skin.

5. Eating at proper time –

If you are eating a healthy diet but at the wrong time, then it will not work properly. You have to take breakfast, lunch and dinner at the proper time. According to dietician your breakfast should be in between 7am to 9am, lunch in between 12pm to 2pm and dinner should be in between 7pm to 8pm.

6. Sound sleep-

To avoid the wrinkles on your face, you should take proper complete sleep. Sleep and beauty both have very deep relation with each other. 🙂 If you don’t take 8hrs to 10hrs sleep, then not only you get dark circles under eye but also fine lines on the face too. This irregular habit of sleep create disturbance in the production of new skin cells and it affects the immunity of the skin.


Stress is the mother of diseases. Now a days stress are becoming a part of our life, if you have high stress then your skin wrinkles at a very early stage of your life. Learn to live stress free and happy.

8.Sun Protection-

UVA rays of sun are very harmful for the skin. If your skin is always in direct contact of these rays then the process of ageing become fast. The radiation of sun is harmful for skin tissues, use 30 spf sunscreen in proper amount on your skin.

9. Drink water-

For glowing skin and toxin free body you have to keep your body hydrated. We have to drink 10 glass of water daily for proper blood circulation. Water makes your skin tight, soft and wrinkle free.

10. Antioxidant food-

To avoid ageing you should increase the intake of antioxidant food like green tea, Orange, green vegetables, nuts, eggs, and fruit juices.

Hope you loved the post. We will be back soon with new dose of fashion and beauty. Till then stay sexy, stay beautiful and stay healthy.

Love you all. <3

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