When MELT electrified the atmosphere: Gaurav Gupta at AIFWAW16!

Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016 kick started on March 16 at Delhi beautifully. With some of the famous designers coming together to present what fall winter 2016 looks like to them, Day 1 saw beautiful designs unfolding on the runway. Though all eight designers for day 1 presented awe-inspiring collections, one show that left us stunned with the perfection of work was Gaurav Gupta MELT!


Gaurav Gupta closed Day 1 of the Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016 and man what collection it was! The collection was named MELT and it revolved around rather an important issue world’s facing right now, global warming. “Melt is what inspired this line, the feeling of melancholic apocalypse. In the wake of our city and the country being the most populated in the world, we are perhaps presently contributing to maximum disaster”, says the famous designer. He also said that the collection though not fully organic, is mostly zero waste that means no wastage in production. Whoaaa! Now this is what we call responsible fashion!

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The fierce collection showcased the brilliantly done gowns, pant dresses and drapes. Every detail on every outfit had me eye-popping that was the level of awesomeness. Details were obviously the high point of the show, every design looked like it was coming down as melted ice or a glacier. All the dresses either had beautiful sparkly motifs, embellished necks or sheer detailing done beautifully on the sides, shoulder or the neck.

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Sculpted looks were uniquely embodied with flattering silhouettes. Asymmetrical hems, ruffles on the dresses, embellished capes, one shoulder high drama dresses, this collection is everything for a red carpet! What we like is these dresses are workable even off the red carpet and obviously are the ultimate trend setters! To complement the astounding work of art that details are, were the wintery hues. The color palate of charcoal black, midnight blue, red and beige made the collection so fierce that it was beauty of the universe in one outfit.

We confess! We are in the awe of this collection and literally can’t wait for it to hit the stores. And also we are excited for Day 2! 😀
So you keep watching this space for more stories and inspirations from Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016!!


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