Mens fashion : What to wear on new year’s eve!

New Year is around and still a lot of you must have been puzzled about what to wear this New Year’s Eve. In fact, the strictness of the dress code makes it one of the easiest outfits you’ll ever plan, but this freedom you don’t find all the time.
But remind you all Martians; don’t let the beautiful Venusians outshine you this New Year’s eve. So this blog post is a helping hand for all those confused souls out there.
The only way we can do this is by wearing our STYLE with comfort, depending on the places we go. Style has nothing to do with what you actually wear, but more with how you wear it, knowing your assets, your best looks, what fits what doesn’t, from a plain tee to your hair, beard or accessories.

The key to look good is to wear according to the event and the place you visit.
In our case the New Year event will be celebrated by you, all in different ways.
For example, if you’ll be spending the New Year night in the mountains with friends, I think you just may be too dressed up in your black tuxedo.
Similarly, if you’ll be attending a black tie event, you must be looking hot in white tee and leather jacket but man I think… you might want to reconsider.
And then there are the rest of the NYE parties happening around town, where every girl is probably wearing a dress and heels and every guy is on a shirt.

Easier said than done. Below are the 3 safe ways you can catch up to make yourself fancy-cool-casual-hot.
1. PLAIN slim fit shirts, especially WHITE and BLACK:
If slim fit suits you then I will say the classic plain shirts combined with a tie or without a tie, with a jacket or without a jacket will make people go roll on the floor. It can be paired with blue denim, tucked in / out with or without suits depending on what look suits you. Moreover, a pair of white sneakers will definitely add to your fashion quotient.


Check out the following options to get this look –

Black plain shirt. White Plain Shirt. White Sneakers. Blue Denim.


2. Keep it sharp and COOL (Full sleeves TSHIRT):
If you are going to a club, bar, or it’s just a house party at your friend’s place and the party is real casual one, then carry your pair of denim with full sleeves cool T-shirts paired and jacket/blazers, T-shirts can be printed or plain depending on your personality. If your personality is quite and calm, then wear the plain T-shirt otherwise go for some quirky printed T-SHIRTS. A leather jacket will make you a Rockstar but contrast blazers can also set the stage on fire. A pair of white sneakers is in fashion and hence you can carry the whole thing in style.

Check out the following options to get this look.-

Black Jacket. Orange Jacket. Red jacket. Printed t-shirt 1. Printed t-shirt 2. Printed t-shirt 3. Plain black t-shirt.

Nothing makes a man feel as sharp and debonair (and makes the ladies swoon) as when donning a tuxedo. When you are surrounded by an official in a new year party its best to wear tuxedo or suit. Black and Blue are the most favored in color in trend.

Here you go for Tuxedo –

White Tuxedo. Black Tuxedo. Black shoes.

If you are still wondering what to wear and have those six pack ABS… Man, you don’t need all these suggestions, wear whatever you want, flash your flex and ladies will go gaga over that.
Have a great one!
Happy New Year!! Xoxo

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