Review: MRIDA Earthen Cookware Coffee Mugs!

I am really enjoying these review posts now-a-days because I can recommend awesome products to you and at the same time you get to know how I feel about the product, an honest, uncut, unfiltered review. And also it gives me an opportunity to bring you a plethora of things ranging from fashion to travel, lifestyle to nightlife! Today I am reviewing Clay Coffee mugs sent to me by the good people at MRIDA Earthen Cookware. I was really excited to use these mugs as the brand claims they are 100% natural, eco-friendly and brings out the flavor of the food! So let’s get to the review!

Description: Have refreshing coffee with someone in these beautifully handcrafted coffee mugs.

Size: Medium

Capacity: 0.4 Litre / Piece

Price: Rs. 799 for a set of two mugs

My Take: A little about the brand, MRIDA Earthen Cookware is made up of unglazed, pure and natural Indian clays which are rich in minerals and are carefully selected and harvested from specific areas. There are no chemicals or additives added. MRIDA is eco- friendly, fully bio-degradable and renewable resource. The cookware range can be used over gas stove, are microwave safe and also can be used in refrigerator. The clay used retains food nutrients and intensifies the flavors.  

Being a nature lover this introduction was enough for me to use the mugs. Every cookware and servingware is supposed to be immersed in water for about 24 hours to season it, so I immersed them in a bucket full of water for an entire day. Now I got the serving range aka mugs and not the cookware range so I couldn’t use them over gas stove but I did use them in microwave and refrigerator.

I pour freshly made tea in my mugs and voila! The mugs gave such an earthy aroma, it felt so natural! Green tea tasted even better in the mug. I used the mug with coffee too and strangely this time there was no sign of any aroma, maybe the strong flavor of coffee overpowered the earthy fragrance. Well works for me as I don’t know if coffee and earthy aroma goes well together. The mugs can be easily used in microwave, I tried it and there were no sign of abrasion or cracks. Same goes for refrigerating.

Now the brand says the product will also neutralize the PH balance of the food, intensify the flavor and retain nutrients of food. It surely does intensify the flavor but I am not too sure about the other two things.

There are certain things that can bother a few people. You cannot wash them with detergent as they can absorb it. To remove any food smell from earthen cookware or to clean the clogged pores, to will have to use salt / baking soda in the hot water. Also utensils turn black on coming in contact with the direct flame.

I personally think all these things are manageable if we are getting to use an eco-friendly product. These products do intensify the flavor and is a natural way of detoxification, things that glassware and steel ware cannot do.

In all I loved the mugs and I am thinking to buy a few items from their cookware range now.

I will give these mugs a 4.5/5 rating and I highly recommend using them at least once!


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