Mijwan Fashion Show 2018: Ramp Game with Ex Flame

“If loving fashion is a crime, we plead guilty.”

Yesterday night was a treat to the ‘Randeep’ fans as Ranbir and Deepika reunited after three long years for the Mijwan fashion show 2018. The magic was created by none other than the ace designer Manish Malhotra for whom these actors stopped the show. The fan pages and the entire social media were cluttered with the images and the videos from the show. Also, is it just I or everyone thinks that Deepika and Ranbir look the best with each other. Already a lot of hype was created about Ranbir and Deepika walking the ramp together and now that it has happened, let us dive into the whole story of the show.

ranbir - manish- deepika

Uh! Something About the Show

Oh yes, the whole country is only interested in these ex-flames reuniting for a ramp walk but hardly people know about the show so here is a sneak peek of it. Mijwan is a show organised by the NGO of the veteran actor Shabana Azmi. The show was organised by the Mijwan welfare society and a lot more stars showed up for the event but we all know where the limelight actually was.

Where Love Reunites!

All the hopeless romantics like me or all the Randeep fans, again like me, were only stuck at these two, Moreover, anything, everything for us was only about Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Though, there is no sign of their union personally, as Deepika is too happy with Ranveer. But, these two aced the ramp walk like true professionals and looked royal to the core.

Cute and Hot Chemistry Between the Two

Someone said that exes cannot be friends because of the obvious reasons. Yes, we agree in this case too. They may be friends but their body language and their gestures towards each other was so warm that it was more than just friends. It was tough for them to keep eyes off each other and was tough for us too. Well, again, somewhere deep in the hearts, somethings remain forever.


Talk of the Internet

Moreover being the talk of the show or the talk of the town, they were the talk of the country through the internet. A lot of memes, love cards, videos, and whatnot were created by the fan pages all over the internet. Well, the power of the internet and the power of this gorgeous couple made Mijwan fashion show 2018 a huge hit. Now, everyone knows about the show.

Queen and her Shining Armour

Beyond everything else, Ranbir and Deepika looked gorgeous while walking the ramp for Mijwan fashion show 2018. Deepika wore beige and golden pearlescent lehenga adorned with heritage jewellery. Her skirt had a long tail with intricate floral detailing and the bralette top matched perfectly with the skirt. She looked drop dead gorgeous and the real queen that she is. And on the other hand, the ever so charming Ranbir Kapoor looked actually like a Prince charming all dressed up solely for Deepika. He wore a black and white sherwani which had the classic floral motifs. He carried the look with utmost panache.

Who are all waiting for something more from this duo? I am totally waiting for a movie or a song featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. They stole the entire limelight and turned hell lots of heads just through one walk. They were the sole reason for making the Mijwan fashion show 2018 one of the biggest hit events of the year. We are waiting some more for them.

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