Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact – Ivory Shade – Review

My personal review of Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact.

I am a hooked user of this makeup product and the reasons for it, I list below.

My Fondness towards Lakme

Undoubtedly, there are various cosmetic brands on the market but there are few which remain your favourite and you trust them always. With so many online shops these days, it is always easy to purchase International cosmetic brands too just by scrolling and ordering through your phone. Amidst all these, on a personal note, even I have some super favourite cosmetic brands and one of them is Lakme. I have every makeuo product of Lakme and I have almost tried every other thing from Lakme. The sole reason for this is that I totally trust Lakme.

Product Specifications

Product – Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact

Shade – Ivory (lightest)

Sun Protection – Yes, SPF 23 UVA/UVB Protection

Package – White Box

Available Shades – Thress for three skin tones

Packaging and Appearance

The packaging of this Lakme compact is really cute and interesting. It comes in a white box outer packaging. The main box of the compact is really cool. It is in a semi-oval or absurd circle in shape. It is a tip-top kind of box which opens that way. The flap top has a small face mirror. The packaging is easy to carry and is totally handy. It can be carried easily and you can touch up your skin, anytime, anywhere.

My Experience with Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact

I am not a makeup person and do not use makeup regularly. But, then there are days when I apply makeup and face powder/compact is the major part of my makeup routine. I use most of the makeup products from Lakme because that suits my skin, is affordable and I love it.

I use this Lakme Perfect Radiance compact for a long time now.  The shade which I use in this is the ivory shade which is also the lightest shade. The best part of this compact is that it blends with the skin so well that it does look that you have applied anything to your face. It takes two minutes to show its magic and perfect glow on the skin. It definitely makes me look gorgeous and it makes my skin look too smooth as it nourishes it.

The packaging says that it has akin brightening pearls to which I totally believe in. It lightens my skin tone to three shades lighter. Since it nourishes my skin, my face is not at all dry after applying it. In fact, after applying this compact, I do not feel the need of applying foundation at all.

For those who do light makeup or do makeup on special days then you must try this compact. It is really easy to use and blends well with the skin. You will not have to pay a lot of stress while applying this compact as it is easy and does the work itself.

Highlights of the Compact

  • The compact blends well with the skin.
  • It has skin brightening pearls which lighten the complexion.
  • The package is handy and pretty.
  • It is affordable.
  • The compact nourishes the skin well.
  • It does not make the skin dry.
  • It makes the skin feel light and fresh.
  • Lakme compact suits almost every skin type.
  • It has the properties of Vitamin E and C.
  • The compact does not shine on the skin rather it gives a matte finish.
  • It has an SPF range which protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays.
  • There are three shades of this compact for every skin tone.

I would recommend this compact to everyone because once you start using this, you will get hooked to it.

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