Monsoon fashion must haves and styling tips!

“Listen to the rhythm of falling rain.”

Monsoon has kicked off. On one hand , the pleasant cozy weather is entrancing and on the other hand, the increasing humidity and dampy atmosphere are intimidating. Apparently, we all are worried to keep our clothes away from splashing mud on rainy days and definitely not ready to for go the style. So here are some useful styling tips and list of fashion essentials you should own in order to stay elevated this monsoon!

List of fashion essentials

1.Jelly shoes

You cannot opt for leather boots or glittery pumps anymore in this season as they can’t deal with water. Jelly shoes are the best suggestible footwear as far as monsoons are concerned. Varieties of models are available online and footwear stores. Flip flops will also do. Pick any type according to your style and walk carefree in the rains!

2.Waterproof bags

Waterproof handbags are so essential in monsoons. You don’t definitely want your books, files, gadgets or any important papers in your bag get ruined in the rain. So buy one soon. You can buy any of the waterproof sling bags, totes or backpacks whichever is suitable for your work routine.


Shrugs too are definitely a good to go in monsoons. Especially when you can’t stop wearing whites and light coloured tees. You can wear any topwear by putting on good patterned shrugs over them. They look really cool and trendy. Kimonos and kaftan shrugs particularly do well in the season. If you don’t want to buy, you can diy them. They are pretty easy to make. So get it done and wear your favourite whites without getting worried!

4.Printed scarves

When you put on solid colored clothes especially light ones, there are chances that they get transparent in rain. I know this embarasses a lot. To prevent this, it is good to have printed scarves with you that will help you cover your outfit whenever it is necessary. Dark colored ones are preferable. Floral printed scarves are my favourite as they are super pleasant and they elevate moods in monsoon!

Monsoon styling tips

1.Shorts are homelike

Shorts always fall under that category of outfits which make you look best no matter what you pair it with. These are so perfect for monsoons. You need not worry about splashing mud and sweaty legs in the humid rainy season. Just make sure you wear shorts of right fabric. Avoid denim ones as they don’t dry so fast in the season.

2. Play with playsuits and rompers

You can’t go for tights in monsoons as they stick to the body when it’s humid causing discomfort. Hence, you can opt play suits and rompers which are super comfortable , free and stylish. Choose bright colored and printed ones. Floral  flip flops go well with them and the entire outfit gives you a perfect boho look.

3. Replace jeans with culottes

It’s monsoon and you can’t really rely upon jeans anymore as they take forever to dry. Moreover, when they get wet in rain, they irritate the heck out of you. Hence, it’s suggestible to swtich to culottes , palazzos or any wide hemmed bottoms in order to stay footloose in monsoon. However, culottes are way too trendy than jeans and can definitely stand the style in all the seasons undoubtedly!

4. Midis over maxis

Time to say goodbye to your maxi dresses and skirts. I know it’s hard, but these are truly a no no on rainy days. You can go with midi dresses or skirts in monsoon. They can keep you protected in the cold weather and make you look good as well. Avoid pencil skirts anyway as they stick to body and create unwanted embarrassment. Go with skater skirts with flowy patterns and floral prints with bright colours that enhance your mood.


1. Wear bright coloured clothes. Avoid boring neutrals and dim shades as they turn your mood off in the dark weather. Pick colorful clothes with pleasant prints that lighten you up in the weather.

2. Always carry a pair of extra clothes and undergarments whenever you go out so that you have a backup in extreme cases.

3. Wash the worn clothes as soon as you reach home as it is easier to get the strains remove off the clothes. Moreover, by doing this , you are giving them more time to dry.

4. Put dehumidifiers in the wardrobe to absorb any vapour content in the clothes after they dry. This keeps your clothes away from fungus and mildew which is the most common issue in monsoons.

5. Avoid wearing thick and sticky fabrics as they take more time to dry and make you sweat when humid. Pick cotton, lycra, nylon and other similar fabrics preferably.

Most importantly, don’t forget to go back to the roots and enjoy the rain like a kid. Dance in rain, laugh like anything and stay happy. Keep the kid in you alive. Happy Monsoon!

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