All you need to know about breast care!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see or hear the word breasts?

Does your face shrink or do you feel awkward? Though the world has taken every step we still aren’t comfortable to use the word breasts in public. It often brings a smirk on the faces of men when they hear the word. Well, it’s time to swipe off the smirk and make them respect the term as well as us.

Breasts are the most tender part of the female Body which we are to embrace. They may be just a piece of flesh to the rest but we, the women power know what they are.our breasts are like two dear friends we are to bond with them and get to know them well, treat them kindly, allow them to raise your self esteem, nourish them, love them, and stick up for their right to be unashamedly perfect.we are to nurture them with all the care and love and also do what’s the best for them.

We have a routine for everything right from nail care to hair care so why not start a routine for our breasts who stand up for us no matter what.

It’s time to take the health of our breasts in hands and feed them their needs


Dry skin brushing before we shower clears and detox our lymph vessels within our breast tissue.Brushing from the outer limbs towards the heart with our thumbs are healthy.

1.Activate the lymph centers in your armpits with a circular stroke with an upward pressure both clockwise and also the anti clockwise.

2.Brush across the top and then beneath each breast from the centre chest to armpit.

3. Do circular strokes around the breasts with a little pressure but also try to be gentle.

4.Brush from waist up towards armpit, all around the body both back and front.

5.Also brush from the base of the skull at the back of the neck around to front and down over the collarbone to the upper chest.

Remember each section should be brushed several times gently with utter care and warmth. Regularly following the methods everyday for 3-4 mins can keep your breasts healthy and stress free. Brushing our breasts will boost proper flow of blood which will keep your body nurtured.

I know it sounds weird but did you know that your breasts need special food to stay healthy.All sizes are unique but when it comes to health every size needs the same amount of care.

Here are 5 food and drinks which will keep your breasts healthy and glowing both inside and out.


Women who take soy regularly are much healthier and have a low incidence of cysts in breasts.Soy can actually help ease the side effects of menopause and other heart diseases too. It is also proven that soy consumption helped prevent tumors. So its time to start including soy in your meals.


Wheat germ extract reduces PMS symptom of tenderness. Wheat germ actually reduces the physical symptoms by 65 percent leaving us calm and relaxed during your cycle. Women who took wheat germ had decreased fatigue, irritation, headaches, sleep problems and food cravings.So sprinkle wheat germs to reduce the stress.


Blueberries reduce the tumor cells growth.Eat one or two blueberries everyday or buy blueberry powder and used it with smoothies or oatmeal to prevent the tumor cells.


The veggies with the most vibrant orange or red hues can actually reduce lumps in the breasts. It is also proved that consuming squash can have a positive healthy effect on our breasts. Pumpkins and sweet potatoes offer the same effect as well.


Excessive sweating in your breasts can actually make your feel bad about yourself.If you are an excessive sweaty person then this is your cure. Sage tea which is high in oxidants is a natural remedy to put a stop to profuse sweating.

Breasts complete a women and keeps her healthy and safe so it’s time to embrace and nurture them with all they need for a happy and healthy body.


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