Our Top Favourite Budding Designers from AIFW AW 2018

Amazon India Fashion Week is one of the most looked forward fashion shows in the country. The great part of this fashion event is that we get to witness a lot of talented and budding fashion designer’s work. These designers get a chance of their lifetime to showcase their designs and launch them in the fashion world. A lot of fashion bloggers and influencers attend this event to showcase their street styles and get noticed by the fashion professionals. The show is not at all lowkey as we witness some of the most celebrated Bollywood superstars walk the ramp for these designers. Along with the budding designers, some ace designers like Manish Malhotra, Shyamal and Bhumika, Gauri Nainika and others have taken part to showcase their seasonal designs. We are all fan of these well-renowned designers but here we are listing some of the immensely talented budding designers from AIFW AW 2018 show who became our favourite.

1. Saaj by Ankita

Our first pick is the label Saaj which is a label by a budding designer Ankita. We loved her quirky collection in the AIFE AW 2018 event. The best part was that all her outfits had prints but none of them was repeated. Each of the designs had a new touch with new patterns and prints which caught our attention. The asymmetrical prints, tropical prints, floral prints and geometric prints were all our favourite.


2. Namrata Joshipura

First things first, I was in love with this hot pink tiered cape right from the runway. She shows that the future is fierce and we cannot agree any less with the fact. We liked her collection because all jazzy and metallic to some extent. Something that is bold but OTT is what demands current fashion and her designs were exactly defining the same.


3. Siddhartha Tytler

On a personal level, I am a sucker for all white and all black look. Or rather I can say any monochrome look is my favourite these days. And guess what, I got to see a lot of all white and a lot of all black look by Sidhartha’s collection from AIFW SW 2018. Less is more as they say and this man made this our favourite.



4. Rabani Rakha

The other designer whose designs we liked a lot at the show was Rabani Rakha. She made us love the ethnics more and we cannot wait to style ourselves in such colours and silhouettes for the wedding. Her ethnic outfit was quite contemporary with ruffles and laces, blings, sheer fabric and satin silhouettes to add some edge to them.


5. Pinnacle by Shruti Sancheti

One of the other labels which became our favourite at the AIFW AW 2018 show was Pinnacle. Shruti Sancheti is a talented designer who knows the demand for the current season and has designed all her outfits keeping this thing in mind. If you love Bohemian fashion then you will surely crush on her collection as we did.



6. Abhi Fashion

There are days when we love everything bold and then there are days when we love everything subtle. And the collection of this label was everything in between these extremities. They were subtle enough to feel you relaxed and bold enough to catch any one’s attention. Each of their outfits had a different trend and we were surprised with a new design all the time.

These were some of the designers whose work we loved immensely from the AIFW AW 2018 collection. We are waiting to see more from their collection in the coming fashion events.

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