Find your Sunscreen according to skin type!

“Don’t wrinkle wear sunscreen.”

Indian summers are harsh and sunscreen needs to be in your daily grooming routine.  The harmful UVA and UVB rays can cause long-term damage with frequent exposure.Hence sunscreens are used, they are cosmetic products that protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiations. The two types of UV rays that can damage your skin – UVA, and UVB. They lead to premature aging as well as increased risk of skin cancer. While UVB majorly contributes to sunburn, UVA can penetrate deep into the skin and cause long-term damage like wrinkling, sagging, lathering and other signs of visible aging.

We all have different skin and depending on our skin’s melanin levels, our skin will react to the sun’s rays differently. There are numbers of sunscreens with different SPF levels for protection against  UV rays, for example, SPF can filter 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 can filter 97% and SPF 50, 98%.

You can find sunscreen ingredients even in moisturizers, cc creams, and after-shave lotions. For daily use generally, SPF 15+ would be enough. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you will need a sunscreen with higher SPF, for sweaty summer stronger water-resistant sunscreens are needed.  Apart from that, sunscreens are also available for different skin types. Lets us help you in choose the right sunscreen for your skin type and tone from the hundred options available.

For Dry Skin

Dry skin becomes drier in summer’s loo, therefore, your skin will crave for moisture. Go for sunscreens with moisturizing ingredients. Don’t go for powder instead look for lotions, creams or ointment-based sunscreens. It would be better if these contain nourishing oils or moisturizing agents like glycerin, ceramides, fatty acids, and hyaluronic acid in the formula.

For Oily Skin

In summer’s oily skin may lead to acne or allergy hence it would be best to avoid cream based products. To keep the skin dry and acne free tries gel based sunscreen. Gel locks in that moisture content or go for water-based sunscreens.  Herbal Matte Gel will make skin look and feel fresh and grease free. Look into the ingredients like Cyclomethicone and dimethicone, they absorb oil giving skin a matte appearance.

For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs special care throughout the year. While summers might bring the worst for your skin. Select smartly, go for ingredients like hypoallergenic and fragrance-free sunblocks, preferably with minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Therefore go for sunscreens that get easily absorbed and doesn’t sit on top of your skin and are not absorbed.

Dealing with acne is the last thing a girl would want to go through. It might not be in your hands but taking protection to avoid rashes and more pimples might be your thing. Look for formulations that are labeled non-comedogenic, it will prevent pores clogging.

Apart from choosing the perfect sunscreen for your protection.  You should always carry shade, avoiding UV tanning, and wearing protective clothing, including a broad-brimmed. While purchasing any cosmetic products make sure it will fit your particular needs. Use it regularly and don’t forget to chill this summer with your super cool attitude.


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