Our Top favourite looks from Burning Man 2018!

Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s the Black Rock Desert for an annual event called the Burning Man. It is a mission to protect and nurture the culture of the community. By the experience of the burning man, it is believed that it will produce a positive spiritual change in the world. This event is potentially accessible to everyone and all are welcome to this creative extravaganza. Burning man 2018 indeed is indeed a mind-blowing look back for all the fashionistas out there! If you take a look at the top 10 looks of 2018 burning man I bet you will go crazy.

Many Burners this year sported things like rainbow goggles, neon shorts, and unicorn horns.

You, do recognize this picture perfect pair right? Didn’t your heart skip a beat? Fashion goals carried out as couples in Burning man is the best goals to be craved for. Looks like a lot of love and effort had been put together. I just love her hair shade and style.  Scroll down for the best looks of Burning man 2018! I bet you will burn in jealousy.

Black cool goggles, shimmer Bikini, an antique headband with a ling dope pendant!!! Is she from the planet COOL. Her outfit defines her swagger attitude. The one thing that caught my gaze was the dangler headset around her neck. Look out for your favorite entity from this look and post it on the comments below (Happy to hear).

From slime green neon boots to skimpy bikinis, there were no gaps laid in the trend.

Goggles were something commonly spotted this year. Everyone from supermodel Heidi Klum to influencer Lizzy Perridon wore the sporty piece of eye-wear with much embellishments and feather works. The colors of these goggles were stealing the gaze.


Platform Boots was a rave attraction this year. Many opted for a sturdy pair of High knee or low knee platform space boots. Practically and perfectly these boots were something uniform among the women including Alessandra Ambrosio

The New Neon Unsurprisingly, a recent penchant for the eye-catching color, neon green was the hue for the gazers at this 9-day fancy event.

Alessandra Ambrosia legit defined that Desert is where you get lost.

Have You heard of the colors embedded…oh just take a look at Katy as she slays at the desert with neon colors!

Glitters on the cheeks, this day party look is indeed sassy and sexy!

This look indeed stands aside from all the other glowy looks. The yellow and white face shades along with aesthetic and small tribal accessories give a great tribal damsel look. The Hair makeover with hair crafts entangled with ongoing shades is the star factor for this HAWTTT look.

This is one of my favorite outfits from the event. Doesn’t she define aesthetic pleasure via silver color? uff!

While scrolling down Instagram if you had come across any look from Burning man 2018 that caught your gaze then feel free to add them in the comment section below and give one reason on why you liked it. 🙂

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