Payal Jain at AIFW SS 16

After attending  day 01 and day 02 Amazon fashion week I was tired on day 03 (bad cold was also a reason). I decided to leave early but before that I made sure I don’t miss Payal Jain show.

I felt refreshed after seeing the ramp arrangement of Payal Jain’s show. The ramp was resembling the beach. The background music was soothing. If you ignore all people sitting near you, you can feel that you are at the beach and not in a fashion show. I truly loved this beach concept of Payal Jain show and decided to write a dedicated blog post on same.

Payal Jain is an Indian fashion designer, and she is very popular for her corporate uniform. She was born in New Delhi and graduated summa-cum-laude in 1993 from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, California.

Jain worked as a design assistant in prestigious European fashion house Fritzi and later worked with leading  couturiers Jacqueline De Brey in San Francisco and Ulrich Engler in London.

She returned to India to work on corporate dressing for The Leela, Goa in 1993. After which she designed for over 40 hotels. She participated in some major international fashion shows including Toronto.

She wrote a book called as Fashion Studies for aspiring young designers.

She works with craftsmen in tiny villages across Rajasthan, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Bihar to integrate their designs in the mainstream. She works with indigenous material like silk, brocades, zardozi and chikankari, and gets inspiration from Mughals and other royal eras.

On the day of fashion week Payal Jain was looking like a doll. She wore red frock dress and did light make-up and was looking like a teenager. <3 🙂

Payal Jain Show at AIFW SS 16

Here I am sharing some of the pictures which I clicked by myself at AIFW SS 16 in Payal Jain, for your information I am not a photographer but I was unable to stop myself clicking pictures of Payal Jain collections.

Here are some of beautiful glimpse of her collections at AIFW SS 16 Day 03

Maxi Gowns

White maxi gowns are so beautiful. These gowns are necessary closet items for the spring, and these maxi gowns are looking elegant and elite. It’s a perfect beachy dress.





Deep Neck Short Kaftan

The short above knee kaftan dress was very sexy and beautiful. And of course you can wear it on any beach party.


Knitted Off-Shoulder

This off shoulder dress is perfect for spring. It’s pretty unique in the design. The neck-line as well as long sleeves are knitted. Perfect for movie night or any beach fashion week too. 🙂


Short Off-Shoulder

I hope I have this dress at this time, this is perfect to wear at GIBFW. I really loved this dress.  The runway was covered with beach sand, and this attire is a complete contrast to it.

Author Anuja Chauhan show stopper for Payal Jain show on AIFW ramp

She is a best-selling Indian author. And she totally rocked the show of Payal Jain. And it was not looking like this was her first ramp walk. She came on the ramp as barbie doll and spread beauty throughout the ramp via her smile.


Wrap up

As the models join the designers at the final walk, we see an entire view of white beach. The designs are sexy, elegant and elite. I was mesmerized by the end of the show.


I totally enjoyed the Payal Jain at AIFW SS 16. I hope you also enjoyed the beautiful and sexy beachy collections of Payal Jain via my eyes. Please share your feedback.

And girls I am in Goa for GIBFW so many more beachy post will be soon on my blog. If you have more beach ideas or any query regarding beach fashion, comment below. I am sure, you’ll get your answer after GIBFW.

Till next beachy post stay beautiful stay sexy.


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