How to Prepare For a Fashion Week like a Pro!

“Every year the women leave the past behind and look forward to the future this is known as fashion week”

No matter who you are, magazine editor, designer, buyer, photographer, stylist, blogger, fashion creativist or just a fashionista, preparing for a fashion week is a maddening task for everyone, let alone first-timers. Sure fashion weeks are fashion world’s Cinderella-ball but mayhem of finding the right ball-gown and glass-sandals, leaves us with fashion fatigue. So what do we do before madness of fashion week takes over? thinking checking in with every details, creating content, meeting (the right) people, planning outfits etc ? Well read on to know how to prep-up for a fashion week like a pro and master your sartorial game like never before! 😉

Grooming before the fashion week:

1. Get fit! It is always a good idea to control your diet and hit the gym because you want to feel good during those long crazy hours of fashion week. Short on time? Try a week or a 3 day diet plans that work. Think juice and vegetable diets.

2. Make trips to styling salon and we say go beyond your regular mani-pedi-waxing salon routine and try hydrating and oiling treatment that lasts for a week. No time for visiting salon? Book a service and have someone come to your home to pamper your skin.


3. First of all start your prep as early as a month or at least before two weeks, if you want to leave a lasting impression. Make look-books and divide your looks between meeting outfits, fashion shows looks, party and after party outfits and if possible morning and evening outfits.

4. Now make a list what you need to shop, from head (Hats) to toe (shoes). But before you start to buy stuff search your closet first , you might find something there.

5. BE CREATIVE and buy offbeat and eye-catching stuff. DIY clothes showing your creativity, take inspiration form pinterest, showing off new style sense; all these things catches the lenses of paparazzi and your look might get featured somewhere . 😀

6. Don’t over-pack, you may want to take your entire closet there but taking more than two suitcases is highly inconvenient. Pack day and event wise and not an outfit more. Also styling one outfit in different ways saves space.

7. Everything other than your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, like wallet, your gadgets (laptop, tablet, camera, phone, powerbank), books, notepad etc should be kept at one place for the convenience.

Wardrobe Essentials:

8. Never forget coats and hats whatever time of year it may be. Coats and jackets help you even in summer, to protect you from the scrunching heat outside and from the chill inside the venue. And hats can be used all year long.

9. Carry at least two pair of sunglasses, one for a chic dressing, one for bold statement making. And always keep them in their cases. Always!

10. Take variety of shoes. Like if you are packing stylish stilettoes make sure you take a pair of comfortable brogues too. We say take more of flats and comfortable platforms and save yourself the trouble while running from one show to another.

11. Be creative while selecting clothes so keep a mix of classy and funky clothes. Like bring classy flowy gowns and LBDs for parties and funky (maybe DIY) short dresses, skirts, jackets outfits for fashion shows. You can also switch the order. And for meeting always dress chic and professional.

PS- I will soon share my looks for AIFW 2016 this march.

12. Carry 4 bags max! two statement bags, one funky bag and a clutch.
And never forget to bring chunky or classy accessories. Think statement watches, oversized cuffs, tassel earrings, stacked big necklaces and more.

13. Keep your basic and pro make-up products. I am a lover of all things creative and funky so I am gonna get a funky looking temporary tattoo and ceramic nail extensions may be. Think CREATIVE always!

What should be in your handbag/Backpack:

14. Always put your phone/tablet, camera, extra batteries for camera, power-bank, wallet, a notebook, probably a novel and most IMPORTANTLY business cards at the comfortable side in your bag.

15. Stock up on healthy snacks, fresh fruit and juices. Trust me you would need them during the show.

16. Keep freshening sprays, make-up correctors, a basic lipstick, a lip balm and fresh wipes in your bag.
Read my post on- What’s in my bag? for more insights.

Other things to do a week before:

17. Check with the organizers for the media-passes and the stay-ins, pick-drop services, flights and more.

18. Know a local stylist and MUA, they could help you in the time of emergency. Also there will be a lot of stylist and MUA coming to attend the show, so you can contact them, incase.

19. Plan your content if you are a blogger, photographer or a writer. Being a blogger I make a story board and plan ahead how and what I will Instagram, twit and post on my social media, where to look for stories. Keep an open eye for the content and find stories around you.

20. Hon your skills of networking. Fashion weeks are great place to meet like-minded fashion forward people so always try communicating and networking.

21. Take sound sleep every day before the madness begins, REMEMBER you don’t want to look sleep deprived.

I hope these tips help you! Don’t forget to share your fashion week experiences with me.

Till my next post stay beautiful stay sexy.

Love <3

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