5 Places to Visit in Mumbai!

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If you have been reading my previous blogposts you must already know that how much many times did I travel to Mumbai in last few months. Pictures from my Mumbai travel got me thinking why not give you a brief account of places to visit in Mumbai. 😀 So here I present you a complete lowdown of my 3 days in Mumbai, 5 places I visited, stuff to do and some interesting facts. 😀 Go ahead read!

Bandra-Worli Sealink: Whenever I planned a trip to Mumbai, I always missed to see this marvelous piece of engineering so this time I made it a point to visit it. This sealink is one exceptional of architecture in India. When one travels on the sealink, one gets to see the magnificent view of Mumbai skyline on the one side and ocean on the other. <3 Too bad no one is allowed to stop car to take pictures. :/ Also if you visit this place in a car with sunroof, you won’t believe your eyes!
Did you know:
This 8-lane link is built to reduce the distance between Worli and Bandra to 7-8 minutes, which was 45-60 mins earlier. Whoaa!


When one talks travel to Mumbai, how can Colaba be missed! Colaba is one fine touristy place with plethora of things to offer. You will find both the grand renaissances and modest establishments here. Mornings are surreal at Colaba with birds chirping, tea brewing at various tea stalls and people visiting docks. Colaba is also your one-stop for shopping. With posh places like Bungalow 8, Bombay electric to street market at Colaba causeway, one can shop literally in any budget.
Did you know: Colaba was the old British quarter when Mumbai was given to King Charles II as a dowry gift. 😛

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel: No travel to Colaba is completed without visiting Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. The place is epitome of luxury and grandeur. Exquisite architecture and royalty at its best with delicious food to die for, this should be definitely on the list of every traveller. Some people are skeptic about the place because of the terrorist attacks 5 years back there’s nothing to be feared as the security is very tight now.
Did you know: At the old wing of the hotel, there’s a photographic display of previous popular guest including some very famous people.


Gateway of India: Want to see what British Raj establishments look like, visit Gateway of India. Gateway of India is one of the significant monuments made during the British rule in India. Today it’s a common spot for people to visit, click pictures, eat bhelpuri and buy ye-big giant balloons. 😀 Elephanta festival, one very popular festival, occurs here in March which I am hoping to cover in my next trip.
Did you know: This place was built after the first ever visit of Queen Mary and King George V in India in 1911, technically the start of British Raj.



Haji Ali Dargah: One of the famous religious place in Mumbai, Haj Ali Dargah see thousands of people pay visit daily. This place is divinely calm with songs chanting name of saint Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. A Minaret stands tall at the expanse of the sea with tomb lying inside it. People from all religions are driven by the Sufism and communal harmony of this place. I too visited this place and for a moment I experienced a heavenly peace that I cannot put into words, completely awestruck!
Did you know: The walls of the tomb have 99 names of “Allah” inscribed in the Arabic language ornamented in beautiful mirror work.



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