Put together a Cutesy Rainy Day Look in 5 Steps!

It is a herculean task to put together an outfit that’s apt for rains and also makes you look chic because this is your straightened hair, dewy makeup, vintage bag, high pumps and expensive clothes we are talking. No matter what one does, rain either destroys the whole look or leaves us with boring (read rain savvy) outfits to try. So what we do to dress chic for rainy season? Well we read this post that helps one put together a uber chic, cutesy, head turning and rain savvy (Hell yes!), hassle free look that too in 5 simple steps! 😀 Read on!


Step 1: Rain Mac!

Start off with a rain mac in floral prints or paint-box bright and chirpy colours to give a boring raincoat a fun new quirky twist. We prefer the shorter ones because they look super-hot when paired up shorts and skater skirts! Also you can try a clear rain mac instead of printed ones, they looks nice as they show a glimpse of the outfit inside! We have 3 options for you:

ASOS Rain Mac- Find here
Printed nylon rain mac- Find here!
Sonya Vajifdar rain mac- find here


Step 2: Top and skater skirt!

Next step! Throw in a spaghetti/sleeveless/off shoulder top crop top with a skater skirt. If you are choosing a clear rain mac, pink top and skirt in floral and peppy prints but if you opt for an already printed rain mac, pick a plane color contrasting top and skirt.

Printed top: Find here

Skater Skirt: Find here


Step 3: Rain Boots!

Think rain! Think rain-boots! Rain-boots come really handy for stepping out in the pouring rain. They protect your feet, don’t get damaged and prevent slips and falls! Also you could try rubber sole slip-ons if boots are too much a commitment for you! 😀

Rain boots: Find here!

Rubber Sole Sandals: Find here


Step 4: Waterproof tote!

Keep your rainy day-out essentials safe in a waterproof bag. We say try totes because they are easy and hassle free to carry and you can stuff pretty much everything in them.

Waterproof tote: Find here





Step 5: Quirky Umbrella!

An umbrella always pays, it saves a rainy day! 😀 pathetic rhyming scheme I know. 😛 But it’s true! An umbrella always saves your rainy day from getting ruined and when it comes in quirky prints it makes your day!  😀 So always opt for an umbrella with quirky prints or a classy deep clear umbrella! Here are our picks!

Quirky Umbrella: Find here
Clear Umbrella: Find here





Tip: If you are an accessory girl like me then add a bunch of chunky rubber bangles and rings to your look and you are ready to rock the rains!

This is all for today folks but just so you know I am on my way to my next travel destination. 😀 I will be exploring the mighty mountains in Uttarakhand and my first stop is the “Switzerland of India” the beautiful hill-station Kausani! Kausani is known for its picturesque landscape, scenic view of Himalayan peaks, beautiful sunsets and trekking destination around it. I am super excited to explore the beauty that this place is! So you guys stay tuned and watch this space to see updates on the very beautiful Kausani! 🙂

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