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Today I am gonna talk about a very sensitive, very misunderstood and often confusing topic that we fashionista refrain from asking, the bikini wax. Show of hands if you are still a bikini wax virgin or cannot muster the courage to make an appointment for one or do not know where to get it done or don’t know how it is done or worst thinking it is a bad idea! Been there, done that! That’s why today I am gonna be solving all your myths and queries related to bikini wax to the best of my knowledge. 😀 So here we start!

Shape/type of Bikini wax? – When talking about type of bikini wax there isn’t a type actually but shape of hair that you wanted to remain untouched or the area you want to wax. Depending on this we have triangle, love heart, strip, martini glass, mohawk or full bikini wax (aka Brazilian wax).

Is it painful? – Yes it is! But after the first time you will get hang of it and with every repeated application it will hurt less.

Is it weird? – Not at all! Getting bikini is about hygiene and personal choices and it is not at all weird. It’s your body, do what you want to do but with precautions.

You have to remove your pant?- Not always! Salon professionals do ask you to take off your clothes below the waist but if you don’t want to then it’s okay! They are professionals and know their way around the panties and knickers.

Awkwardness with the therapist? – Everyone is self-conscious when it comes to touching their private parts but you should not feel embarrassed or awkward at all. The therapists see a lot of people coming in and getting it done, trust us they are not interested in your flower. They might ask you to bend in different position but that’s because it’s important. And you can always stop or take a break during the process.

What’s the procedure is like? – The procedure is same as normal waxing. First the length of hair is trimmed to the required length, then normal waxing is performed and after that soothing cream is applied.

When will be the next session? – It depends on person to person growth of the hair. Usually it’s after 3-4 weeks!


Preparations and Precautions!

  1. Talk to your therapist about the procedure, and hygiene.
  2. Avoid it if you are pregnant, on periods, diabetic, have psoriasis or have other skin diseases.
  3. Don’t do it if you are using retinol on the area, have sun or laser burns, have breakouts.
  4. Don’t use numbing creams as they might cause allergies or interfere with the session, instead pop-in a ibuprofen or any other pain-killer.
  5. Exfoliate the area and clean it thoroughly.


After wax care!-

  1. Don’t swim and expose the area to sun for at least 24 hours after the procedure.
  2. You can use soothing creams afterwards but check with your therapist and the physician.
  3. Wear comfy and breathable clothes.


Where to get it done? – Now that’s the big question! You can search for the reputed and hygienic salon nearby and can ask people around. Just visit the salon once and check with the therapist, sees the services, enquire about the procedure and there will be no room for doubts! Here are a few places/salon we come across on the internet.

Delhi- Geetanjali Salon in khan market, Marvelous salon in Ashok Vihar.

Mumbai- Jean Claude Beguine Salon, Lakme enrich in matunga.

Chennai- Page 3 salon.

Bangaluru- Bodycraft Salon.

Hope this post helped you and clear all your doubt.

We will be soon with new post. Till then stay sexy stay beautiful. <3


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