How to wear Taylor Swift Retro Chic look in Spring, Summer and Winter!

Hey all you Swifties! 😀

Taylor Swift is unmatched both in her singing abilities and style sense! The fashionista singer always put forth a chic combination wherever she makes an appearance and her love for classics pieces is known worldwide. Her one true love (no not Tom Hiddleston 😛 ), the RETRO love, has been a rage since she has confessed her adoration to it. So if like the Swifties all over the world you too dig her retro look and try to achieve it by all means, we are here to help! Here we decoded for you three retro looks that Taylor Swift wore in Spring, Summer and Winters, so ladies take notes! 😀



Do winters the vintage way and take cues from this classic winter ensemble, which reflect Taylor’s love for retro, plain and gorgeous outfits. A plain long peacoat paired up with lace dress and to add drama a pair of berry pumps. Also put on your most sexy crimson lip-colors to add to the vintage vibe!


Long Coat: Find here!

Lace Hem Skirt: Find here!

Pumps: Find here!



Taylor is so fond of mixing retro and modern and this outfit shows us how! New age co-ords in old school polka dots, paired up with open toe heels, that vintage bag and not to miss those classic square frame sunglasses, what else does one need to rock summer the Taylor style? 😀

taylor summer

Polka dots Co-ords: Find skirt here!, Find Crop top here!

Polka dot Open toe heels: Find here!

Classic black bag: Find here!

Square frame sunglasses: Find here!



Because its springs and Taylor loves to bloom like a flower! Thus we get to see a floral inspired print every spring in her wardrobe, be it midi dresses, shift dresses or a plain floral skirt. Bloom up your spring with the knotted top that gives the perfect retro vibes teamed up with floral skirt that speaks spring and a pair of comfortable ballerinas. And not to forget those color pop sunglasses perfectly complementing her red lips! Simply (and brilliantly) spring!

taylor springKnotted top- Find here!

Floral skirt- Find here!

Beige Ballerina- Find here!

Cherry red Sunglasses- Find here!

This is all for today fashionistas! But stay tuned and keep watching this space because a lot of celebrity fashion posts are going to be live on the blog! Till then! Xoxo!

Picture credits – Pininterest

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