Skin/Hair Care Tips to Remember When You’re Living a Beach Life

There is no better life than a beach life.

Living near beach is bliss! (Telling by experience :D) The ocean, cool waves, sun, sand, hip shacks, lovely people around and what not! But it has some perils too, living near ocean can be so damn bad for your skin and within no time it can cause irreparable damage. So what we do now? Well read this post below: D And we will tell you how to take care of your skin and hair, if you are a beach divaaa! 😀

  1. Uneven tan– People living on beach always protect their face and hands from the sun and think that it is all needed to be done, but that’s so wrong! Area like eyelids, top of feet, hairline, toes, belly buttons, back of neck etc. get extremely tanned while at beach and if you are not taking care of that tan, it will give you a cast of uneven complexion all over your body. So always apply (and re-apply) sunscreen to those areas before going at beach.                              DSC_0395
  1. Over Exfoliation– Do you know using exfoliants regularly increases sensitivity to sun and you can get more red and tanned than ever? Yes it is right! So avoid overuse of exfoliants at all cost, when you live a beach life.
  2. Extra care for Oily patches– Oil prone area (like T-zone, around lips, inside of elbow, neck) tends to get oilier at beach and they breakdown sunscreen and other products, so you should always reapply sunscreen/product at these areas every hour!
  3. Right amount of Sunscreen– Number of SPF (be it 20, 25, 34, 50….anything) doesn’t matter at beach, the amount you are applying and the interval at which you are applying, matter. So always re-apply your sunscreen at proper intervals (preferably 3-3.5 hours) and forget about the numbers!
  4. Excess Sea Salt = Bad hair day! – Sea salt spray does help to volumize hair but think what would happen if you use it 6-7 hours a day, regularly? It will damage your hair like none other. Natural Sea Salt makes hair unmanageably frizzy and can lead to many hair problems. So wash your hair frequently and oil them often.                                                                                    DSC_0427
  1. Avoid bleach- Most bleach and skin whitening products contain hydroquinone or kojic acid and they are the best way to get dry and flaky skin and guess what sea salt makes it worse! So you know what to do.
  2. Feet care– Moisturize your feet regularly and at proper intervals, because at beach sand continuously rub against your skin and thus it exfoliates feet skin and then if you don’t apply moisturizer it will crack up the feet and you don’t want that. Do you? 😀
  3. Shower and Moisturize– Do this as frequent as you can, because you might not be playing in the sand but living near beach cause sufficient harm to your skin and it accumulate sand and dries skin off easily and only showering and henceforth moisturizing can save you from this torment.                                                                                                                                                    <3


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