Style these boho capes with everything and everywhere!

“If you like something, rock it. If you want to rock a cape every day, go for it.”

The fashion runways are a brilliant platform in the form of a trade event which provides the designers, retailers &  corporates with a united platform. Goa resort wear platform is perfect for us to portray the bohemian inspired resort and weekend wear range and display it in front of the right kind of audience. Since the rise of media across the globe, fashion week has given us immense possibilities for associating and working with similar and integral people belonging to the same industry such as photographers, media consultants, bloggers etc.

The proposed collection for the IBFW 2017 was eccentrically decorated by Meghna Patankar’s Boho. It beautifully catered to this year’s theme of ‘Color me happy’ was the key silhouettes of her structured jackets, kimonos, layering, bohemian dresses, beach co-ordinates & accessories with an artistic touch were a treat for the fashion enthusiasts. Her collection consisted of Bordado & Otomi embroideries and hand painted culture and Talavera art of the Mexico which have been the inspiration for prints & embroideries for this collection, says Meghna.

Since the collection is Bohemian and the location demands flowy fabrics, Rayon, modal, soft cotton & Georgette have been generously used to create all the designs.

“One of the things that inspires me the most is COLORS, and that could be the reason to get fascinated by the eclectic Mexican theme.

Not only taking cues from the traditional aesthetics and culture, but also the streets of Mexico and how the creative community loves fashion and experiments with it.”

Our beloved fashion blogger, Kajal Mishra witnessed the awe of IBFW 2017 and tried the collection of capes herself. Along with the sexy bikini top and the shorts, she tried three of her capes which were present in her collection.

The Kashmiri Cape

This beautiful white cape with spiral embroidery is an elegance in itself. The flowing cloth below the waist appears like a dreamy fabric dancing in the air. It’s light and very thin, which cuts the perspiration and its designing is purely inspired by the traditional aesthetics of Kashmiri culture.

The beauty of this cloth is embedded in the thread work of its entire fabric. The bikini and the shorts, also a work by Meghna were complemented perfectly by the white sheet of this soft cape which falls over the shoulder as light as a feather and falls down all the way to the ankles.

The Floral Cape(s)

Since the beach weather asks for it, florals are everywhere – including the fashion world. Ever since the topmost designers have started incorporating floral themes into their collections, women have been embracing the inclination and giving it their own form. Be it the big, bursting blooms and smaller, daintier prints with detailed three-dimensional details, it’s pretty evident that there are many ways to include florals in clothing lines.


This floral design of mixed shades is a piece for admiring on its own. With no particular dominant shade, the printed clothing is yet again an extremely light and comfortable material in itself. It appears to be see-through but the lightweight clothing of this cape is the biggest perk when it comes to wearing this baby at the beaches. The printing appears to be solid when it comes to the filling by colors, leaving very less of fabric without any print which comes out as a collage of different flowers.


The second floral has an inclination towards the pink shade along with conundrum of other colors. The separate printing of flowers in various shades of pink and slightly orange goes perfectly with the pink bikini. Unlike the previous floral print, this appears to be less random and the printing appears more scattered across the fabric. Details are easy to make out and the impression of every individual flower is clear. It’s a beauty in itself where there are white spaces to the small impressions breath.


Kudos to Meghna for coming up with such a beautiful collection. The floral fabrics remain as an iconic feature of fashion, from the white flower thread thin embroidery to the floral prints, both filled and spacious, this talented theme is here to stay, and the future it holds in the fashion industry is just immense!

Cheers to flora!

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    You are very beautiful and you have good color sense. Nice

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    Battulal Jewellers

    Hi Riya, you really have such a great sense of fashion..great collection..

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    Navbharat Today

    Loved the ideas of using capes in a different way.
    Awesome selection and collection.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Wonderful and Unique style of wearing capes. You are truly a fashionista !

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thank you so much. 🙂

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