Get to know the secret of Kriti Sanon killer body look!

“Make your body the sexiest outfit you own.”

Have you ever had your jaws drop at someone? like you look at them and you just fall in love with the way they carry themselves? well, I have, when I looked at Kriti Sanon, she looked like she just walked out of heaven. She is quite an inspiration when it comes to sheer work and also fitness. I have always looked up to her well, she is indeed the best of both worlds. Even waking up is hard for me so I have been wondering what she had to do maintain her body and mind. And After a lot of stalking this what I found about her fitness regime in an interview. Are you ready to drop your jaws?

What is the first word that pops into your mind when I say, Kriti Sanon? I know right? Not one is enough to describe her. She is gorgeous inside and out. She glows literally from top to bottom. She is indeed a natural beauty and those killer legs should I say more? Have you ever wondered how you would look with those desired curves? What if we tell you we have her fitness regime to share with you all? Oh yes! Let’s get inspired by the lady goddess of fitness. Fitness is an integral part of our lives, which helps us balance our body and mind.

Kriti has her way of taking care of her body mind and soul. She has a unique routine which helps her stay the way she is. She is like this female warrior herself.

Kriti takes weight training; she believes that it tones her body in the right shape. Well, those killer legs didn’t just pop out of her body. The weight training has done the best for her.

On the contrary, she isn’t a complete she-hulk, she has attainted zen too. She chooses yoga over everything. She regularly practices pranayama to keep her body fit and also to connect with her inner self. Well, the balance between the power weights and zen is what has made her brighter than the sun.

Wait for there’s more. Sometimes I think she might be superhuman for she loves kickboxing too. She regularly kick-boxes to lose weight around the face. She believes that her cheeks are better sculpted with ice boxing. Well, I guess it does, doesn’t it? With cheeks as plump as peaches I think I should try this too.

Apart from all this, she does salsa. Yes, you heard it right, salsa is one fun way of getting rid of the extra fat and also help you de-stress and relax in total.

Kriti also follows a healthy balanced diet. It contains eggs, brown bread, chicken/fish, veggies, protein shakes and brown rice. She loves fresh salads with every meal and also makes it a habit of drinking two cups of green tea. She also eats regularly in two-hour intervals as that is one way that you stay fit and even healthy.

Kriti has her fitness regime well planned and not too cramped, she enjoys working out, like its a fun game. Fitness is something you take up with all your heart and not because someone pushed you into it. So yes, are you all ready to do your own thing? 🙂

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