8 Fashion trends for men, which will never get old!

Style and fashion were, are and will always be about embracing ones’ individual identity in the crowd. There have been revolutionary fashion eras throughout the history which have set some trends for the men to follow and styles to live by which are suitable and appropriate for all ages and tastes. Timeless by nature and ageless by vision, here are some of the few trends and tips which won’t let you down on the style stakes.

1-Plain Tee’s


The number of men who do not own a decent collection of plain T-shirts is alarming. They should have been in every men’s wardrobe essentials – like yesterday! These babies are unfussy and unproblematic along with being a timeless classic that lays the foundation for even the most extensive and comprehensive outfits such as the suits. But, with that being said, there’s no crime worse than wearing a shabby looking shirt that is overworn, washed out or faded. It’s always wise to invest in a decent brand than to invest again and again. Obviously, plain ones come in a variety of colors but the traditional shades of grey, white and black are a good way to build the collection.



It’s not just for the women, there’s been a solid resurgence in the sweater’s reputation with a number of high-end designers attempting their own take on the athletic-inspired essential for the wardrobe. There won’t be any better time to go for the classic sweatshirts with a plethora of variety in colors, styles and fits the same. No matter what you’re looking at, from adding layers over your oxford button-down shirt or simply use it as a layer to your outfit under the chunky cardigan, I’d strongly recommend directing apart from bright colors and prints. Instead, again I would suggest you opt for muted and understated options like black, grey, navy or even a pastel-ish maroon.

3-Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirt


A decent button down shirt would be a solid addition to your wardrobe and fashion essentials. A couple of shirts in blues and whites would go a long way in covering your major requirement for layers and singles in any outfit. There’s almost nothing that it won’t go with – a pair of slim chinos under a crew neck jumper for the weekend, or with a suit for smart or casual office apparel – this piece of wardrobe add-on is a handy item which will easily operate the annoying dress code guidelines and keep the fashion statement intact. Stick to natural fibers to give the maximum breathability during the summer months.

4-Slim-Fit Jeans


A slim-fit pair of jeans is a timeless classic. A pair of slim-fitting indigo denim jeans is truly the most flexible clothing you’ll ever own. They’re easy to put on (and off). Black or any shade of blue would work wondrously with any look you can dare to try. The best part about denim is that it never goes out of fashion and a decent quality would likely last you for years.

4-Wrist Watch


Time has witnessed (with every pun intended) a change in the swarm of accessories men have been wearing to enhance their looks. When it comes to a wristwatch, a classic dial watch with metallic finish and leather or metal band goes a long way. It complements any of the looks you opt for the day. A leather band would escalate the casual look for your evening cocktail party and a metal band would just make your formals step up.

5-Leather Shoes

Quality dress shoes, especially leather ones, are always worth the expenditure. Make sure you’re set for the next decade by doing some investigation and get some necessary yet bulletproof shoes that you can wear with your suits. A decent pair of leather boots come handy with any outfit for the day. Wear it with your comfortable jeans or the three-piece suit, it just adds to glam of your appearance.

6-Duffle Bag

Okay, I know bags are a thing for girls because I believe in stereotypes but a casual leather duffle bag for any travel purpose is… hot. It’s formal, attractive, simple and elegant to travel with. You don’t have to worry about the design going with the current outfit because of its simplicity and can feel confident about the bag you’re carrying. Any shade from brown to black would be perfect for the next trip.

So, go ahead and give these additives a try!


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