7 Reasons why you should do SQUAT daily!

Do you feel low? Sad ? In bad shape? Or ever feel insecure about yourself? Firstly you should never be anxious about the way you are, your skin color, your figure, those stretch marks or that cellulitis. They are beautiful, beautiful than anything ever. You see those flowers? Look at them they are never the same they are different shades, and they have various pigments, yet we admire each one like its the most beautiful flower you are just like the flower, beautiful in your way.

Remember you are beautiful than any other,

So coming back, I might let you in on a secret to make you feel a little better if you day ever gets terrible or if you feel super low this is your answer SQUAT! Yes, I said SQUAT
So did you know that squatting isn’t just to keep your body fit but also to ignite your heart mind and soul? When you squat there are like a million cells which spark and leave you completely energized for they can cheer every cell in your body, and instantly you feel all excited and bright.


Squats can actually make every part of your life better. So here are the benefits you gain when you squat.

1.Tone your body :


Squats naturally help to build your leg muscles, when done correctly, squats are so intense that they help in muscle growth all over and they actually help in pumping up your muscles.
So squats can actually help you improve both your upper and lower body strength. Squatting is like lifting your whole body weight, and if you can squat, then you are considered healthy.

2.Fitter life :

Once you start squatting regularly, you magically become healthy, and fitter that you feel less tired than you have ever felt, so less tired can actually help you do a lot more than you usually do. When you squat you are helping your muscles work more efficiently which provides a better balance, so you become faster, quicker and more impressive.

3. Burn it all :

So what if I tell you-you can easily lose those fats by squatting, so One of the most time-efficient ways to burn more calories is actually to gain more muscle. When you gain muscles your fat is consumed faster So yes you want to lose the fat? SQUAT ! SQUAT ! SQUAT !

4. Mobility and Balance:

By doing squats, you are saving yourself from having to hold on to things to walk when you get older. You need stronger legs to stay mobile as you get older by doing squats you will become iron man yourself oh yes, your legs become stronger as steel, and you can even overtake a teenager in your 80’s with those legs. They also work out your core which will help you to maintain balance, while also improving the communication between your brain and your muscle groups which means no broken bones or fracture. Like never.

5.Healthier hearts :

Squats are beneficial for the heart. The squat is not only strength and muscle exercise but can provide a great cardiovascular workout as well. Squatting can help your heart muscles too, which means a longer life. Wait, did I just save your life?


6. Higher faster healthier :

So you ‘ll soon become a super mom or superwoman if you squat. Oh yes, I’m serious, studies show that squatting strengthens your athletic powers which will make you run faster, jump higher and much younger. If you keep doing it, you can even go back in time and become a super girl.

7. Shed  the waste :


Squats improve the pumping of body fluids, aiding in the removal of waste and delivery of nutrition to all tissues, including organs and glands. They keep everything working well and staying clean inside out. It keeps your body in shape and also takes care of your bodily movements like your bowel movements too.
And also regularly squatting will keep your muscles well exercised your period cramps will forever leave you. Yes, you can finally say goodbye to your pains.

Hope you guys enjoy the post, keep watching this space for more fashionable and healthier post.


Featured image – Photo by Parker Mauk

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