Don’t forget to try these 4 boho looks from Boho by Meghna Patankar!

Meghna Patankar, the woman behind the fashion revolution that is happening, will soon reach billboards no doubt. So previously we introduced you to this fantastic fashion goddess who has been laying out her BOHO-ness that she has brought together under one roof. We saw all her collections that spoke volumes. I know how bad we feel like owing all those floral prints and bohemian fashion in our closet.

Wait, there more to lose our hearts to. This fashion identity had her new collections showcased at the IBFW which was held just. While ago and I, not only heard but also saw the colors and prints come to life. Her collection stood out in its bohemian way, and I’m sure the crowd was in awe of every piece that was displayed.

So behold for your hands are going to go wild to grab every piece that we are going to show you. Here is the collection showcased in the IBFW

This off should beauty reminds me of the cold winter days by the beach. The icy blue is just winter weaved in the fabric. It has tassels which somehow makes it look warm and comfortable. The red in the border had me at the first look. The aesthetic pattern screams bohemian in all ways possible. The belt has brought a perfect balance to the whole modern yet boho look. I can literally smell snow after looking this beauty.


This is hands down my most favorite outfit of not just the year but for the rest of my life.  The prints are absolutely breathtaking. The mint green and pink make the perfect couple. The dress sure sends out loads of positive vibes with the bright and bold colors dripping energy. The look is the definition of boho with its patterns and pink power tussles everywhere. The look was beautifully paired with a tasseled neck piece which has ramped up the look a bit more.

go bold go pink

Florals! Florals! Florals. Is it just me or does everyone have a weak spot for florals? This off shouldered floral dress has only brought spring with it. It sends out a happy chirpy vibe with its bright flowers. Florals are life saviors who can shake off all the bad vibes, and someone make you happy. The slightly beige fabric reminds me of the beach sand which soothes my heart inside out.

flower-power over any power

Here comes the ocean itself, to drown us in its deep blue waters and take us to paradise. Nothing calms me like the color blue. The ruffles like the waves have me under its spell. The skirt is art, a pure art which is beyond perfection it blends with the off shoulder top and takes us to paradise itself.

blue over any hue.

Guys. I am sure, you already have fallen in love with these amazing collections so what are you waiting go and pick your favorite boho look from Bohobymeghnapatankar.


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