Ten ways to wrap up the ruffled fashion!

Ruffles and frills aren’t new to the fashion world. They have been there since sixties. They have come back in to the trend and ruled almost all the fashion weeks held last spring. Since then, all the stores have restocked the ruffled fashion and this has stolen every woman’s heart.Besides outfits, ruffles have occupied a special place in accessories as well. On screen and off-screen, ruffles have made their own runaway and slayed the style predominantly. The best thing about ruffles is, they suit every body type : zero size to plus size. This is what makes them incredibly flawless.

You all must have flattered Deepika’s fiery look at the recent Cannes festival held a couple of months ago. The stunning hot pink ruffles made her stand out of the crowd at the festival. But , that’s not something we can actually wear on daily basis. Don’t worry! For people who can’t get those ruffles out of their heads ,here are ten ways in which you can actually wear them. Give a glance and kill the style!

1.Ruffle hem wrap dress

One way to wear ruffles is to wrap them around your waist playfully by putting on a ruffle wrap shift dress. Well, in the wrap dresses, you can find too many varieties. Minis to maxis, striped to florals. Any of them would look splendid. High heels add a perfect charisma to the outfit!

2.Ruffled saree

And here is the most aesthetic way to wear ruffles. A saree in ruffle is like the definition of beauty in disguise. Particularly, in the scenic floral prints which promise you the most picturesque and gorgeous look!

3. Tie waist ruffle palazzo pants

Palazzos are the most comfortable bottom wear I can ever imagine. So why can’t we spice up the plain look by adding ruffles to it, incredible right? Ruffle palazzo pants are trendy , comfortable and stylish. They can be worn with blouse, t-shirt, crop top and anything. You can also pair them with body suits to highlight the ruffle details utterly.

4. Ruffle detailed heels

Besides setting themselves at top in the range of outfits, ruffles also did much to the footwear. They have added a feminine tinge to footwear making them bold and beautiful at the same time. They look sharp in solid colors, whereas prints do not disappoint you either. You can wear ruffle flats with your dresses or shorts and ruffle heels look outstanding when paired with skinny jeans and jumpsuits. Wear one to escalate your flair!

5. Ruffle sleeved blouse

This is my favourite way to include ruffles into my outfit. A ruffle sleeved blouse can be paired with anything you want. You can pair it with formal pants for office look, pencil skirts for chic look and skinny jeans for casual look. Do not forget to tuck the blouse in, this way you are balancing the flowy frills.

6.High low ruffle skirt

Skirts are definitely something every wardrobe needs. Moreover, ruffles can’t find a better flowy partner than a skirt. An assymmetrical high low ruffle hemmed skirt would be an amazing pick for any party. Halter and crew necks go well with these skirts. Wear high heels and top knot for more brilliance!

7. Ruffled choker

Chokers can simply complete the whole accessory thing sometimes. Especially when off the shoulder and strapless outfits are worn, chokers play the role of statement accessory and look astounding. Such amazing neck pieces when found in ruffles blow every women’s mind undoubtedtly. This is one of the simplest and beautiful ways to walk in ruffles.

8. Ruffle high waisted shorts

Shorts are perfect for any day , any night, anwhere. And when the ruffle thing is added to them, they look freaking stylish. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with these high waisted ruffle shorts. They look super cute in any color or design. You can pair them with crop tops, tank tops, camisoles and many more. Striped ones create sophisticated look, whereas floral ones promise you the perfect boho look. You can also try the two piece sets that are available online. These ruffle shorts and matching crop top would look great for any day out.

9. Ruffle layered sheer mesh blouse

Sheer tops are very popular these days for the elegance they add to the outfit. The mesh detailing makes you look charming and adorable. When layers of sheer ruffles are mounted on a mesh blouse, nobody can stop talking about your outfit. So, don’t miss the boat!

10. One shoulder ruffle trim jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and rompers are perfect to slay any occasion. And when ruffles are added to them, they look absolutely ravishing. These one shouldered ruffle jumpsuits are nailing the fashion trends. These are super comfortable, highly fashionable and absolutely recommendable.


Cheers, stay bright!



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