The highlights from the Milan Fashion Week 2018!

Milan Fashion week just happened and it was one hell of a show. From Gucci to Miuccia Prada to Fendi and Versace, every designer showcased their best designs. This Italian fashion week was a winner in all sense and here we have the highlights from the show for you all. Since there was so much from the show that we thought to bring the best moments from the runway of the fashion show.


For Dolce and Gabanna, it was all about monochromes, patterns, colours with the bold chic element in all the looks. The designers named this collection as the ‘Fashion Devotion’ collection. The designs were exquisitely crafted to perfection. The fabrics used for the designs were the cut velvet and vestment brocades from the Vatican city. The major highlight of the outfit was embroidery, profane slogans, and all kinds of proper aesthetics.


Marni had everything from glitz, blitz and everything shiny. This was totally an ethical creativity from the designers and it is needed more for the high fashion. This brand is all about the vintage flavoured prints. They focus more on the sustainable fashion in the high street world. There was a variety of colours in their collection but what was constant was the shiny element.


Coming back to one of the most talked about the designer brand from all over the world, and that is Versace. Versace brought the glamour of the 80s back with their collection. Everything of Versace was to love this time also. The best part that caught my eye was that all their outfits were different from each other and had no connection with the previous one even being in the same collection.


Every fashionable girl is going to love Prada’s collection displayed from the Milan fashion week 2018 runway. It was a display of everything from workwear to tulle to settle for the modern women. According to the sources of the various Italian fashion magazines, it is said that the designers had a vision in their mind which was the strength of the woman who is going out for the violence. They wanted to create something for the woman that they would not be afraid of wearing while being out on the street. It was all about the freedom.


The brand whose collection on which I am crushing over recently is Gucci. The Gucci collection was sensational in a creepy way and this is what is quoted by the designers for their outfits that they showcased. They wanted to bring out the truth about fashion as a medium of transmitting inner states which were a great step towards the fashion industry.


The Fendi collection for Milan fashion week 2018 was all about balancing high fashion with fun elements in it. From the flocked trench coats to the fur sweatshirts and baguette bags there was so much to look forward to it. It was majorly targeted towards the young fashion fanatics. All about their collection was likeable and was highly appreciated.

The Milan fashion week 2018 was a hit and we are all in awe of the collection showcased by the world-class designers. Let us know whose collection you liked the most in the comments section below. These were our favourite designers and other designers who aced where Roberto Cavalli, Georgio Armani, Pucci, Alberta Ferretti and many more.

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