The Stunners and the Bummers at the Met Gala 2018

Met Gala has always been one of the topmost Hollywood functions but all thanks to Priyanka Chopra’s last year’s Met Gala look, this function is equally popular now in India too. This year, we saw Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone on the red carpet of Met Gala amongst the famous Hollywood celebs. The theme of Met Gala 2018 was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination. This time it was all about holy and religious fashion sense and garments and boy, this was a major hit. Let us check out some of the most talked about looks from Met Gala 2018.

1. Priyanka Chopra

Starting with the Goddess herself, who showed up in a strapless maroon velvet gown by Ralph Lauren. She wore an embellished gold hoodie chain from her head to the top back. That subtle curled up hair in that hoodie made her one of the top celebs rocking the theme of the night.



2. Blake Lively

The most gorgeous entry at Met Gala 2018 was of Blake Lively. I mean just look at her outfit, is she looking any less than a princess? She wore a golden-maroon shaded embroidered trail gown by Versace. Her hairdo and everything is phenomenal.


3. Rihanna

The bad girl Riri was back with a badass look at the Met Gala 2018 red carpet. Rihanna was in a customized Maison Margiela outfit which was inspired by the Pope’s Holy Garbs. She was totally on the theme. Look at that headgear.



4. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was simple yet chic in a golden bedazzled metal mesh gown by Versace. The gown had a plunging neckline and cross prints to match up with the theme. Subtle makeup with dazzling gown was well balanced.



5. Gigi Hadid

We feel Versace was the major talk of the night at the red carpet of Met Gala 2018. Gigi looked ravishing in a stained glass one shoulder appliqué gown by Versace. She let her outfit speak and this made her shine even brighter.



6. Anne Hathway

Anne Hathway was all red on the red carpet of Met Gala 2018. Her gown by Valentino was quite simple but the puff shoulders were really doing the talking. The chic headgear was so up to the theme.



7. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was in an all-white mesh outfit. The gown was by Coach and it was quite simple. We believe she could have done better with her outfit, hair and makeup. We missed the real Selena here.–sBj-8/?tagged=metgala


8. Katy Perry

Katy Perry showed up as a real-life angel in a Versace winged gown which was in golden and white. She matched up her hair colour with the wings and her look was highly praised. We can see the efforts pulled by her.



9. Madonna

One of the best looks at the red carpet of Met Gala 2018 was of Madonna. She wore a black gown by Jean Paul Gaultier. The dazzling headgear with the net see-through face mask was making her shine. She also held a black rose in her hand.



10. Deepika Padukone

Deepika gave the theme of the night a pass by wearing a blood red shade gown by Prabal Gurung. This event had a lot of costume opportunities to offer and Deepika showed up like this, not making me her fan at all. The hair and makeup too was too boring.

Met Gala 2018 2

11. Ariana Grande

There was something unusual about Ariana’s outfit for all the good reasons though. I love that bow on her hair. Well, her’s was a Vera Wang gown which was inspired by Sistine Chapel.


12. Sarah Jessica Parker

Even Sarah Jessica took her fashion game to a level above with this customised golden OTT gown by Dolce and Gabbana. We were amazed to see the head gears at the event and this one was our top favourite.



13. Kylie Jenner

Kylie kept it quite simple and offbeat with her outfit at the themed red carpet of Met Gala 2018. Hers was a tube trail cut out gown in black by Alexander Wang. She also kept herself safe without following the theme and it kills our heart.

met gala 2018 kylie

14. Cardi B

Can you even pass this look without mentioning it here? We are talking about outlandish head gears and themed gowns and this one tops it all. She wore a Jeremy Scott outfit and rocked every bit of it.

met gala 2018 cardi b

15. Zendaya

Once again bringing a Versace gown to your notice! Zendaya wore a metallic grey shimmer and bling customised Versace gown. This outfit was inspired by a ‘Joan of Arc’ and she nailed it to the core.

met gala 2018 zendaya


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