5 tips on modelling poses


If you want to be a fashion model or just want to know how modelling poses. Or you are a photographer and want to know how model should pose during photography. This post is just for you.

According to me movement of body in front of camera is important during shooting. Acting is all about movement of the body and pose is what camera capture during the photography. So if you want to learn to pose, you should learn how to moKanchan Tomarve your body first. In my early 1st-2nd shoots, I used to get stuck with a single type of pose and it irritated my photographer.



  1. Practice your posture and movements daily:- As said practice makes a man perfect, make sure you practice yourself daily and keep on getting better.
  2. Understand and appreciate your body USP:- Everyone have some body asset which stands out than rest. Understand what’s that in your case, like someone has beautiful lip/ beautiful eye/ cheek/ beautiful leg etc. Use that body part as your assets during posing.
  3. Flaunt your emotions:- Ultimately, a good pose is well balanced and natural-looking with some sort of emotion or feeling to it—whether, passionate, joyful, excited, relaxed, peaceful, or contemplative.
  4. Look and act natural in front of camera:- During shoot you have to maintain your body movement and facial expression. Remember: a pose should never look like you’re trying too hard. Keep your body long and lean, don’t squish your arms to your sides (that makes them look wider than they actually are), keep your hands relaxed, abs tight, and don’t forget about facial expressions.
  5. Be confident and make sure you are enjoying the work:- Your facial expression is very important. If you’re nervous or tense, it will show in the photos. That’s why it’s so important to be relaxed. Otherwise, instead of looking happy, sexy, or mysterious in your photos, you’ll end up looking scared and anxious.

Happy posing 🙂

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