What to do for cushy and radiant skin

In today’s rat race people are busy and not have time even for themselves. They are always busy. You can easily see it all around you, everyone is engrossed in running somewhere.

That doesn’t mean one should stop caring about her body/skin. First impression play a big role in anybody’s life. Makeup can enhance your beauty but nothing like having a refreshing face with healthy skin.

Here are few tips to get cushy and radiant skin..

 *THE FOOD  you should start your day with apple or  green tea to deep cleanse the  body and prep yourself  for the workout (gym/ aerobics / yoga, choose one).

In breakfast you can take idlis /toast with butter/poha/upma/toast with an egg white/cereal / muesli with a cup of coffee/ toast with a glass of milk which you burn during the day.

For any mid morning snacks include a handful of almonds/raisin or orange.

Lunch is whole wheat roti with veggies plus dal , salad and sprouts to add protein to your diet.

In addition to all this, you should drink 12- 15 glass of water through the day.

In Dinner you can take whole wheat sandwich or paratha etc.



There is a lot of misconception around supplements. People are relucntant to take supplements but, will take allopathic medicines easily.

 Taking supplements is perfectly healthy.  I take them regularly with my usual diet.  In today life body never get enough nutrient to cope up with stress and strain. Over that, any average person spend more time in office than home which takes more toll on his body.

 Here’s what I take regularly

  • One tablet of multivitamin and multimineral One tablet of Nutrilite CAL MAG D:- “Big on Vitamin D, Ca , Mg which many people don’t realise is not just essential for bones, but also very important for skin and hair.” Really helpful in females.
  • ther supplement which I take is Nutrilite Natural B, Nutrilite Iron Folic , Nutrilite Salmon Omega -3


Always remember rule of CTM (Cleansing/ Toning/ Moisturizing) daily in morning and before bed.

Hope this post will help you in taking care of your skin better. Please leave a comment if you feel this blog post helped you. And always happy to answer any queries.

Thanks for the patience to read my post. 🙂



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    Exercise! #Thetrainer

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    Kajal mishra

    Totally! Exercise is still a pending item on my bucket list. Soon my friend, very soon!

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