As you know now-a-days plethora of diseases exist in the world . Today life is all about rat race, and this rat race results in a lot of stress. To combat this stress, you’ve to be stay fit and stay young, which require your brain to be stress free .

Here are few things you should be doing for your fitness:-

1. Exercise your brain with activities like book reading / Sudoku etc. on daily basis. This will keep your mind healthy and happy .

2. Invest time in aerobics/yoga/meditation. This will keep your body healthy and will release toxins from your body.

3. Strengthening exercise in aerobics will help in keeping joints strong and healthy.

4. Drink lot of water whole day, starting with one cup of warm water with lemon in morning. This will keep your skin healthy and glowing.

And saying from my experience, this really helps as I got rid of all acne spots from my face since I started investing time in all above activities. Take cue from my experience. 🙂

Stay Fit, Stay Young, Stay Happy!

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    sanjeev aggarwal

    Awesome Thoughts…its really help us
    goodown job…well done. ..!! ☺

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      Thanks Sanjeev ..

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