Its never too late ….

“It’s never too late”

When we were kid, we did what we wanted to do! Our mind was clear to do anything and we had no fear of failure.

But as we grow up doubt ,failures, fear cloud our mind.

We loose our freedom because we think a lot about our society. We surround ourselves with people whose opinion doesn’t matter at all. We constantly fear what other people will think.

But there are some people who dont care about fear, doubt, failures. Who just have an idea and make it happen. They are the one who create stories.

I always have a fear in doing any thing. Not sure what kind of fear and exactly when I developed this in myself. It’s been a year now since when I am trying to discover myself.

It’s never too late to do anything . There is no right age limit to do the right thing.

imageIf today you want to study, start study. Or want to do business start one now.

You never know when you will die. If you fail in your idea then the sadness will be very less than the sadness of not working on the idea .

So its never too late .. you just need to have an IDEA and make it happen . You still can … if you BELIEVE…

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