How to wear denim this monsoon!

The rainy season is here and one may hate it or love it, but definitely cannot ignore it. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe by packing away the stilettos, translucent tops and light colour dresses. Bring out your shorts, skirts and gum boots. i know denim is our most comfortable wear but unfortunately denim isn’t a monsoon wear. Wait,don’t give your hopes us cause we are here to guide on how to wear your denim this season. though skinny jeans aren’t our best friend denim shorts skirts and dungarees will guarantee a best time.


So why not upgrade your normal denim shorts to something quirky to kick away the gloomy season. Pair your tees with embroidered or patched up denim shorts this season. i bet it will lighten your mood on these rainy gloomy days.


There’s something about skirts that excites girls. but its something we try to ignore this season as its gets soak and messy. well, it’s all good when its the right length, this monsoon go for knee-length or above denim to hype up your look. you can switch to ruffled layered skirts or go the classic way of mid length plain blue denim skirt.


Dungarees are my personally favourite,they are easy to style and also keeps you warm and comfortable so this monsoon dust your dungarees that you have been secretly stashing for the future which will never come and flaunt it this monsoon. you can switch between the long pant dungarees or the shorts one depending on your level of comfort. thick sweater paired with dungarees are a hot cup of tea this season.


So over sized denim jackets will nest you like a mother this season. layer your monsoon clothes with large denim jackets which wont hug your skin dripping wet. the roomy large-sized denim will keep their distance when it comes to rain and also keep you warm and comfortable this season.And don’t forget to add a dash of patterns or patches over your jackets to make it a bit quirky and cool.

so yes, you can definitely say yes to denim this season just make sure it’s not skin hugging and uncomfortable other than that with the right length your denim wears good to go this season.


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