What to do for healthy bones

Hola guys… Good Morning! I am here with my new post to build some healthy bones.

Probably one of the most common complain that we hear from our colleagues at office, friends and family is about some joint pain or body pain in some specific area. Modern lifestyle, fast paced life, stress, unhealthy diet etc made our bone really unhealthy and causing one or the other diseases.

For this reason we suffer from back pain, osteoporosis diseases in very young stage, precautions in young age is the best cure to make sure we have healthy bones life long. In our life cycle our body absorb old bones and make new bones. When there is a fine balance in these two process, then we would have healthy and strong bones. The problem starts when there is an imbalance i.e. the process of bone formation become slow than the process of bones absorption. Even genetics is to be blamed sometime for this imbalance.

Weak bones breaks easily. With ageing our body starts absorbing calcium and phosphates instead of retaining in our body. So that our bones starts weaken. When this process becomes rapid the situation is called osteoporosis.

There is more chance of osteoporosis in male after 70 and in female after 50. In females during menopause low level of estrogen may be  due to bone loss. In male the low level of testosterone may be due to unhealthy bone.

How to know your bones are healthy or not?

If you have always pain in your joints and your bone fractures by slight jerk that means you are in risk zone. In this situation meet to your doctor and get a full body check up. You will be able to know your bone density by this check up.


Reasons which affects bone health

  • Low calcium diet.
  • Low activity.
  • Tobacco or alcohol consumption.
  • Heredity/Genes is also the reason for osteoporosis.
  • Increase level of thyroid harmone. 


  • Take Doctor prescription (sounds easy, but turns out to be most difficult task. One need to be disciplined)
  • Take high calcium diet. Ex; curd, cheese, low fat milk, soya, brocolli etc.
  • Do 1/2 hrs exercise daily. Anything will work dancing, jogging, walking, aerobics.
  • With ageing requirement of calcium increases, so start taking calcium supplements too.
  • 897804cbdcbe699c6014b5db4324ad0bGet rid of smoking, alcohol habits.
  • Less intake of salt on daily basis. approx 6gm max.
  • Tea, coffee, cola and cold drinks are also not good for bones.
  • Maintain your weight. In order to decrease your weight don’t do crash diet. Because of this chances of osteoporosis increases. Weight loss decreases the level of estrogen in our body. Estrogen is a hormone which protects bones. So if you want weight loss then do it properly.

Exercise for strong bone

If you want to keep your bone healthy then include exercise also in your daily routine with healthy diet and lifestyle. Exercise make bone density better. Exercise not only keep bone density better but also give strength to joints muscles.

  • Weight training is best for your bones.
  • Hiking, Trekking, or mountaineering is also good for healthy bone and you will enjoy in this activity too.
  • Dancing and aerobics also make bone healthy.
  • Walking, running, etc are also good. It give strength as well as increase the energy level of the body.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in.”

Much Love <3

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    La French Connection

    That is a very thoroughly documented article. I’m very impressed with the quality of information!

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thanks… 🙂 Nice blog yours too.

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