What to wear on teej festival

May the swings of joy fill your heart with love happiness and abundant fortune. 

Happy Teej.

Teej is one of the most celebrated festivals in Sawan. You’ll always hear people saying “Lo aaya sawan ka mahina, lo aaya bhakti shakti ka mahina”.

Teej festival is also known as shravani teej, kajari teej, hariyali teej and is pretty popular in North region; Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. On this day ladies keep fast and wish for a long life of their husband.

Everyone (women) apply henna and wear bangles, they usually wear red or green color dresses on this day. They’ve a different kind of excitement on this day and since this is my second teej, I am equally excited too. This day calls for a post on styling yourself on this teej:

Lehenga Choli  

Wear lehenga Choli on this teej festival (it’s a good day to take out your marriage lehenga). Since you’d be dehydrated by the end of the day and would not have the glow required, pamper yourself with a full blown make-up because at the end it’s all about you ladies.

Use you marriage jewellery to match with you lehnga and give yourself a bridal look. Match it up with a heavy anklet. You can wear your bendi and nath too to give you a complete bridal look.


In the place of lehenga, you can wear red or green heavy saree added with jewellery and full make-up. You can also use your bendi and nath with this saree.

Last year was my first teej and in my life this is the first time I spent a whole day without water and food. By the evening I lost all my power 😛 and while I wore my beautiful engagement lehenga, I looked really low.

But this time I’ve prepared my dress and my jewellery in advance.Will wear my green Rajasthani lehenga added with bendi, nath and ghungroo anklet.

Will share full teej look after 16th October.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do share your ideas on teej look, what you are going to wear on this teej fest. Please share your ideas in comment box below.

Happy Teej to all. One day more. Yaaaay …Worship Goddess Parvati and God Shiv to bless you, your husband and all human beings.

Till next time stay beautiful and stay sexy.


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