1 Plain Scarf in 4 Sassy Stylish Ways!

Life is too short to wear boring clothes, but it is even shorter to wear clothes in a boring way! Same-old clothes (or maybe new) with same-old ways of wearing them is so not an “It-girl”.

So what we fashionistas should do? We make good use of that piece of clothing/accessory by twisting and turning it around into a statement making number. And today we start with our much loved accessory, Scarf! Wanna know how? Read on! 😀

#1 Convert it into a sassy halter top!
Start off by wearing a tube top and now tie two ends of the scarf around your neck and other two around your waist. Complete the look with a summer jacket or a blazer and you got yourself a brand new top to wear! 😀

#2 Turban it up!

Channel the retro diva in you by wearing this ultra-chic 60’s head-wrap look and go on a little biking expedition may be? 😀

Here’s how- Fold the scarf into half and keep it behind your neck. Now bring the end towards the face and cross the both ends and pull it back. Now bring both ends back at neck side and tie a knot.


#3 Boho bag!
We love it when accessories can be changed into new accessories! And when it comes to bags, a woman cannot have too many! So to turn your scarf into an easy to carry, sassy boho bag, start off by tie a knot at all 4 corners about a distance of 8-9 inches. When it’s done it will look like a sack and now tie two ends together and Voila you have a brand new bag!

#4 Tie shy?
Love androgyny but not too sure how to pull it? We’re here to help! Start your androgyny make-over with a scarf tie. Ties make a bold statement while a silk scarf will give a feminine soft touch to it.     Just follow the steps with a scarf as you would wrap a tie. Win-win! 😀

That all for today Folks! But stay tuned for more DIY style it yourself posts on the blog. Have a styling idea to share or have a query to ask? Do let us know in the comment box. Until the next post, xoxo.

Picture credit- Pinterest!

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