9 Things you should know, if you are on fruits diet!

“Life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits 😛 “

Everybody eat fruits but mostly they miss few important aspects to get full benefits of fruits. Do remember these tips:

1-Timing to eat fruits

You should eat fruits empty stomach. If you don’t get time in morning then you can eat in day at anytime. You should not eat banana and avocado fruits in morning. These are heavy fruits for digestion. You can take theses fruits in afternoon ( in between breakfast and lunch). Eating fruits in morning maintain your blood sugar level.

2-Method of eating fruits

Always give gaps between fruits and your regular lunch or dinner (at least 30 minutes) and never eat fruits after meal. In order to take anything sweet you shouldn’t eat fruits after lunch or dinner. At Least give a gap of 3 hours to eat fruit meal.

3-Fruits with other things

If you don’t have problem of indigestion and acidity then you can eat fruits with yoghurt. You can eat fruits with salt as well. Some fruits also can be taken as salad.

4- benefits of Apple

Curacetine flavonoid of Apple is responsible for maintaining the blood sugar of body and protect liver from injury. So you should take one Apple daily. “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”

5-Fruits gives glow to skin

Researchers proves that if a person eat fruits and juice only for 3 days it provides detox to the body. Fruits lightens the dark circle of eyes and decreases the hair fall also.

6-Balanced blood pressure

There is anthocyanin in blue and purple fruits. Anthocyanin, antioxidant property keeps heart balance.And these are good for balanced blood pressure. So for good blood pressure you should eat jamun and falsa.

7-Removes insomnia

Calcium, potassium and selenium increases the production of sleep hormone melatonin and serotonin. So it is good of insomniac patients.


Beta cryptoxanthin and Vitamin C in yellow orange fruits covert in Vitamin A in body. Vitamin A is related to vision do this vitamin is also known se vision vitamin. So you should eat these colored fruits for proper vision.


You should take fresh juice only. And take juice slowly so that it mix with saliva and give proper nutrients to body.

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