4 ways to be confident always!

Body Confidence is all about loving yourself. I always wondered what makes someone look beautiful, Here are few things that I teach and preach:

1. Accept yourself – Loving yourself is the key to get confidence. Whatever the shape, size, you have; you should love yourself . It’s said ” If you will not love yourself how you ll make other to love you” . We are human being always affected by others thought but this is one of the negative quality. You should not affect yourself by others thought. How you sit, how you walk, how you eat, its all yours behavior. If anybody do any comment on your activity, you should ignore him/her. But by that comment if you can do improvemnt in yourself without harming yourself you should do this will help you to lead. it is People also comment on me, I ve a childish behaviour, childish walk, but I listen always and try to not affected by that word but I started improving myself by that comment. Take that comment in positive way to improve yourself. You have to change yourself in a positive way. Trying yourself in pressure, is a negative thing.  You have to always improve yourself and love yourself.

2. Do Comfortable thing – Do that thing only in which you are comfortable, Wear that dress in which you feel comfortable, Not in that in which people are comfortable. You will do every work in good manner if you are comfortable, you ll look beautiful if you are wearing dress which you like.

3. Do Exercise Not Dieting – It never help if you are hungry whole day, you eat whatever you want to eat but do exercise daily. You should not do sweat in gym for 2-3 hr but you can do anything whatever you want to do like dancing, jump, walk, running, aerobics, yoga etc. It will keep fit your body. You should enjoy in this things if you ll enjoy then this will be continue. You can change your exercise type on monthly basis like one month for dance, one month for yoga like this. So that you will not be bore.

4.Be Hero in every size not only in zero size– Whatever the size you have you are hero, not only zero figure size is good. If you are fit then no matter what your size and shape of body.


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