Hey there, world.

This is agent banana reporting from the banana world. We’ve seen, observed and noticed your activities. The senior most bunch of our members have collectively decided (for obvious reasons) that you need more of us which is why I am here to address the issue and spread the knowledge that I have. I hope you enjoy the read.


Uh… Banana

Whether it comes to your breakfast or an untimely snack for your rumbling insides, these gorgeous bananas have always been there for the rescue. They’re not only fulfilling and a healthy alternative to a lot of other food items, they’re a source of vital nutrients that one needs to function during the entire day. These babies are one of the most consumed food in the world. Bananas, biologically, qualify as ‘berries’. Surprised? We’re just getting started. Here are ten benefits of this nomadic snack:

  1. Anaemia

    Low levels of RBCs can cause a serious problem for anyone who suffers from anaemia. It is essential to keep in mind that these cells are required in the body for a crucial role and deficiency can be hazardous. The iron in bananas is a perfect solution as it helps in boosting the production of red blood cells.

  2. Constipation

    When Deepika and Amitabh made a movie on constipation, it technically just made us laugh because no one wants to admit that they’re having a trouble with their bowel movement. So, instead of consuming laxatives and other artificial supplements, try eating a banana. They’re loaded with fibre and will take good care of your poor tummy!

  3. Depression

    This issue is not glamorous; Tumblr has been lying to your face. Although this isn’t a replacement for antidepressants, this can surely uplift your mood and make your feel relaxed. Bananas contain a decent amount of tryptophan, an amino acid that our bodies end up converting into serotonin, the hormone responsible for moods. So, let’s go bananas someday.

  4. Energy

    These berries not only help you build muscles but also are jam packed with vital minerals and vitamins that give you a boost. I believe this is a perfect pre and post workout snack. (I’m skinny, what do I know about work out.) Along with providing you with a stamina upliftment for up to 90 minutes with just two bananas, the also potassium in it helps you combat the cramps and sore muscles. K?

  5. Heartburn

    Bananas act as a natural antacid and are a great solution for those who are having issues with a heartburn or acid reflux. I say you skip the burps of those sodas and treat yourself with a banana!

  6. Blood Pressure

    This will surely save you a lot of money by avoiding surgeries because bananas are good for your heart. They have a low amount of sodium and high amount of potassium. Having a regular amount of bananas in your diet and lifestyle will change your health drastically and will prevent future heart attacks and heart-related problems.

  7. Ulcers

    Along with being a natural antacid, bananas are also a safe diet item for those who suffer from stomach ulcers due to its soothing nature.

  8. Stress Buster

    The vitamin B found in bananas are specifically known to calm down the body’s sympathetic nervous system and reduce stress. It helps deflate the tensed up nerves and vessels along with relaxing your mind. Munch your stress away then!

  9. Temperature control

    Bananas are widely known to lower your body temperature. Be it the heating summer or your boiling body due to fever, a banana would do wonder. Smoothie, shake or however you like it, treat yourself with a banana.

  10. Nicotine withdrawal

    If you’re trying to quit smoking, along with a lot of water and sauna, eating bananas can aid you as well. The potassium, and vitamins B12 and B6 found in bananas can help you deal with the withdrawal of this toxic component.

So, I suggest you buy a bunch and eat your bananas regularly. Agent banana, signing off.


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