Honeymoon – the most awaited holidays in everyone’s life. It is one of the great things about marriage. Every couple has lots of plans for their honeymoon and the selection for the perfect place is done till the end. It is best time for the couples to spend some time together and explore some beautiful places. Here we are listing few of the best and the most amazing honeymoon destinations in India. Make sure you are seen hand in hand making the most of your time.


Cliched but super lovable. You all will agree with me, right? Manali is the most beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh. Lots of couples consider Manali as their ultimate destination. Don’t forget to book the wooden hotels as they are beautiful and cozy. Enjoying the morning sunrise with hot coffee under wooden roof is an amazing feeling.

2. GOA

All those who love parties and beaches then Goa is the ultimate destination for you. Goa has it all from lavish cottages, hi-fi pubs, serene and happening beaches, pretty restaurants, colourful lanes and many more such things. You will enjoy the best time of your life in Goa and that’s for sure. Staying at the Goa retreats are also super relaxing. Goa is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in India.


Enjoying the serenity at the backwaters of Kerela is like a dream. You get so much close time to spent with your partner and enjoy the beautiful boat rides. Kerela is best during the winters and monsoons and really not so happening during the summers, so you must plan accordingly. The ambience in Kerela is so pleasing that you would not want to return back. Also, stay at the tree houses in Kerela for an enchanting experience.


Rajasthan is one of the prettiest states in India. Every city in Rajasthan is damn pretty and royal. If you had to choose one, go for Udaipur. Udaipur is the city of lakes with the most beautiful palaces and royal hotels. Try all the Rajasthan delicacies there as they are really delicious and mouth watering. Try and cover every tourist place, you will be spellbound.


Darjeeling and Gangtok are some of the best honeymoon destinations in India. This city is quite old and you can see it in their lifestyle and architecture yet there is too much to explore here. From beautiful sunrises at the Tiger point to the toy trains, they have it all. Also, you will be able to find a lot of budget stays in Darjeeling as the place is not so expensive.


This is for everyone who love fancy places. Andaman is a serene and an offbeat place with the prettiest beaches and stylish lifestyle. From spending lavish time at the beaches you can go exploring the islands over there and you will be stunned by its charismatic presence. A place which is perfect for the Instagram backdrops is a must visit for every couple.


Scotland of India that is Coorg is another beautiful hill station in the country. This is not like the other hill stations where the temperature is freezing. It is mildly cold during the summers and the ambience is actually perfect for you to de stress and spend some quality time with bae. You can find some cute resorts and cottages here to make your stay pleasant.


Okay, this is the king place. And the reason is that this place has it all. The mountains, plains, lakes and sand all in one frame makes for the most pictureesque scenes ever. Even if the place is crowded you will still be able to get your own quality space. The place follows the Tibetan culture and there are lots of monasteries also to visit. There are some of the best hotels that you can book to cuddle and snuggle.


It is said to be the queen of hills and I totally agree with it. They have beautiful hotels on the hills which may give you chills but are very soothing and pleasing. The wooden cottages over here are to die for. You can visit Mussorie at any time of the year and you will love all shades of it no matter what.  Try eating Maggi from the local eateries at the hills and that is so good.


If you would have been complaining that why are only including hilly places all over then here goes Lakshadweep for you. A serene island which is always less crowded can help you in spending some of the best time with your partner. The place is wonderful and less ordinary and you would love it for sure.

These were some of the most amazing honeymoon destinations in India. Each one of the place has its own speciality and each one of them is beautiful beyond words. It all depends upon you that which kind of place you want to head out in your budget and your preferred time. We hope you decide the best place according to your preference and may you enjoy the best time of your life ever.

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    Priya Sengupta

    These are really very beautiful destination to visit for honeymoon. And the information is really very helpful.

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thank you so much, Priya.

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