10 hairstyles for medium hair!

“Invest in your hair it is the crown you never take off.”

Finding the perfect hairstyles for medium hair isn’t easy, We all have different hair texture, cut and face shapes which need to be considered before deciding the hairstyle. So what should we do? Well, India Fashion Blogger has personally hunted top 10 easy hairdos for medium hair that you will absolutely fall in love with.

 1-Half up bun

Start by centre parting your hair and then braid both sides loosely into a half up and half down bun. Here the bun is cretaed a little below crown area  The bun is then secured using a rubber band. To keep the hair intacyt use a small amont of hair spray.


2-French Twist

This hairstyle always looks elegant and sophisticated. Ideal for your evening party to romantic date look. start by backcombing your hair to give more volume to your hair. Make soft romantic curls and keep a few in the front. Now take a section from one side and slight twist it secures it with a  pin.  Do the same with other section and twist and secure. Roll the end and tuck it in in the bottom so that it won’t be visible from the top.



This is easy to do a variation of your regular ponytail. Start by making a long braid from one side of the crown and continue it till the end. Make a low ponytail as shown and pull out some hair to give volume to your hair just below the crown area. Secure the pony using a rubber band and you are done.


4-Side topsy ponytails

They look simply stylish and are perfect for regular college or office going women. Your hair needs to look smooth and non-frizzy so use serum if required. Start by make a low ponytail at the bottom of your left ear. Create a hole in between the secured hair and twist the whole hair into the hole.

If you have highlights on your hairs, it will make the hairstyle look more vibrant.


5-Vintage Curls

Ever thought of trying those vintage soft curls while going to some fancy parties. Well, you can try now, it easy if done right. You need to have big jumbo hair rollers or hair curler to make huge curls in order to create a faux bob. Apply some texturizing spray to your semi-dry hair and put it in some jumbo rollers overnight to create this stunning hair look.

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6-Three Way Twist

This hairstyle looks great on medium hair. Start by Start by making a super low ponytail. Now create a hole in between the secured hair and twist the whole hair into the hole. For step number 3 roll the rest of the pony hair and pin it from the front into the centre of the twist as shown and you are done.


7-Longer Ponytail

Want to make your pony look longer than it actually is? Well, there is a trick, get the long ponytail by first splitting your hair half up, half down and tying the two parts into separate ponytails. Let the top part fall on the lower one and enjoy your super long pony.


8-Soft Curls With Bangs

To get the look of Rachel McAdams from the movie The Notebook. Start with getting yourself a haircut in some side swept bangs and curl the lower half of your hair with a big barreled curler. Finish off the look by pinning back your front section of hair.


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9-Pull-through braid

If you already know how to do fishtails and French braids, a pull-through braid will become easier for you to tackle. Pull front strands into the braid and leave the rest down like above.


10-Messy Bun

This looks both uber chic and casual. It can even be your quick fix of a bad hair day. Start by teasing the top of the crown and then gather all your hair at the back of your head. Loop the hair through a hair elastic and then spread the bun out and secure with U-pins. Pull out a few strands for a casual look. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to make the hairdo stay put.

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Choose your hairstyle according to the occasion and keep flaunting your hairstyle wherever you go.

Stay tuned for more fashion tips.

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