Buying the right makeup is incredibly overwhelming. With new launches every day and thousands of brands to look into, it’s really difficult to determine which products we really need.  So instead of digging in deeper read, we take you straight to your 10 makeup must haves! (P.S – These are our suggestions, you can change brands as per your comfort.)


Make-up primers build a base for foundation and face makeup that allows smoother application and makes it last longer, on your skin or in your make-up bag. They are available in different forms like cream based, gel and powder. Choose the one that does not cake up your face. Many of you might not find it worth the investment, but once you’ll try it out, you’ll find that it definitely is.

Featured here is the ‘Too Faced’ Hangover primer. It is infused with coconut water, and is super hydrating as its silicone free. You can buy it here.



Foundation is basically a skin coloured make-up applied to the face to create an even skin tone and uniform the colour complexion, to cover flaws and to also lighten up the skin tone. Choosing the correct colour for your skin can be a bit of head-scratcher, but try going to a trained make-up artist. If not, select various foundations and apply bits along your jawline where you can see clearly the difference between the skin of your neck and your face. Choose the hue that disappears into your skin.

Feature here is the ‘it cosmetics’ CC+ cream. It has SPF 50 and a very lovely lemony scent which is refreshing in the morning. It is infused with Hyaluronic acid and is very hydrating for the skin. Apply it with a nice sponge. Get this here.


As the name suggests, this product is used to hide and even out any dark spots or blemishes on your face. Choose the hue just like your foundation, one that disappears into your skin.

Feature here is the ‘Maybelline’ Age Rewind concealer. There are several in the range that you can check later. It has a nice round applicator fit on it which makes the application super smooth and easy. It leaves the face hydrated and glowy instead of caking up and has a wide coverage. Buy this product here.



Powder is used to set your yet applied make-up in place. It is meant to give your face a smoother finish and get rid of shine. It will also help soak up excess oils.

Featured here the ‘Hourglass’ Ambient lighting powder. This one is demi-light (the least powdery powder); it softens and diffuses the light on your skin, setting your make-up and you can barely feel it’s presence. Get this compact here.



Apply your bronzer on the higher points of our face, such as the bridge of your nose and your chin, your cheekbones and your jawline. Complete it by applying a hint of bronzer to your neck to even out the look. This lifts up your make-up, making your face look tight.

Featured here is ‘The Body Shop’s Honeycomb bronzer. It has a matte finish and is super easy to blend. You can buy this bronzer here.



As we know, blush is used to give your cheekbones a more dewy and rosy look. Always choose a blush colour that is your natural shade when you laugh or flush.

Featured here is ‘Bobbi Brown’ blush. They have many shades of blush available that you can choose from. Get this blush here.



Highlighter is face makeup that attracts light, creating the illusion of brightness and height, hence that lit-from-within look. Use it in addition to contouring to lift and push features back.

Featured here is ‘Mac’ Hush highlighter. It’s a multipurpose cream colour base that blends very easily and gives a natural lift to your features. Apply it with fingers for best use. You can find this product here.



Their function is to fill in the gaps in your brows, making them look fuller and a bit darker. And comb the stray hair to give a nice arch to your brows.

Featured here is ‘Precisely’ my-brow pencil. It has a light shade to match your hair colour and not pop out black and also a little brow brush to tame the hair. You can buy it here.

(You can set your hair in place by applying clear gel for brows but if you don’t feel like investing in one, just try putting on some of your lip balm or just some Vaseline.)



Eyeshadows are generally worn to just make your eyes look attractive and draw attention. While some like to go all colour but most prefer to stay subtle.

Featured here is ‘Mac’ Quad Eyeshadows. It has four shades, that is, all that glitters, cork, saddle and wood-winked. All of them work really well for day and night both and are subtle yet look attractive. Since this product is hard to find, you can get it on MAC’s official website.



For eyeliners, black will always work but brown is the new black. Brown shades look more natural and also give the darkness of black, and, does not stain your lids! As for mascara, more is less. Use tubular mascara-wand to create volume and curved wand to create curve on your lashes.

Featured here are ‘Mac’ kohl eyeliner and ‘Bourjois’ Volume reveal mascara.


Watch this space for more interesting content like this! Cheers!

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