10 mistakes in makeup ideas

“10 things you should not include in your makeup ideas.”

Raise of hands, if once in your lifetime you stepped out with smudged lipstick, uneven eyeliner, mismatched foundation, unruly flyaway, dripping nail paint, Ahh the list is endless! 😀 But if you are one of those people who love makeup and don’t know about some common beauty mistakes, then this post is just for you! Here is an account of 10 major makeup and beauty mistakes I have made and corrected before it got too late. 😀 So whatcha waiting for? Go ahead and read and take notes if you are doing the same mistakes.(Or make a friend read who does it) 😀

  1. Forgetting Primer!- One of the major makeup mistake I made for years without realizing it, was not using primer. Primer is your holy grail for perfect make-up! It helps make-up stay in place and prevents caking it. So primer always!
  2. Not using foundation down the neckline!- In my initial years of makeup I always used to forget put foundation down the neckline and even if I did, I wouldn’t blend it properly. So please don’t make this mistake else you will end up with fair face and dark neck. A no-no!
  3. Changing morning/night skincare routine too often!– As a beauty junkie I used to apply different skincare products on my skin and sometimes too often and it never showed results on my skin. Because you need to stick to a product in order to make it work. So don’t change your skincare routine often, your skin needs routine not the variety!
  4. Nail-paint at a last moment!- Forgetting nail-paint and applying it at the eleventh hour (mostly in the car or sometimes at the venue :/) troubled me for years till I decided to apply it a night before and spare my hands from the un-even dripping nail-paint.
  5. Not de-tanning/beaching my face!- Well, it’s a recent mistake I corrected. I always used to forget de-tanning/bleaching my skin (and I live in Goa :/) and lately at a major fashion show the make-up artist couldn’t do make-up at my tanned skin. :/ So no more tanned skin now!
  6. Bold lipstick + Bold eye-shadow!– It’s one of the major mistake I did and I see people doing a lot of time. Here’s your rule: Bold lips + subtle eye-shadow, Bold eye-shadow + nude/subtle lips! Got it?
  7. Too much of brow-powder!- Do your eyebrows a favor, don’t fill them with unnecessary brow-stick/pencil/powder because that looks so un-real! (and stupid)!
  8. Using extra conditioner!- Conditioner is good, but excessive conditioner is as bad as it can get. Excessive conditioner does no good to your hair (even if hair-type is dry) but to make hair more greasy and weighing them down. So never drown in the pool of conditioner, never!
  9. Not cutting my hair!- Who doesn’t love long hair (I do)? but not cutting it at intervals to gain length is stupid. You need to trim your hair so that it can grow nicely and in shape and also a nice short hair make-over doesn’t hurt anyone! 😀
  10. Not exfoliating lips!– I always thought I don’t have chapped lips why I should exfoliate? Until I saw results myself! Exfoliating makes your lips plump soft even if they aren’t chapped and plumped lips are undoubtedly sexy! 😀


This is all for today folks! I hope you liked this post and do tell me in the comment below what were the makeup mistakes you guys made because you never know I might be making one myself! 😀

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    Really worthy tips…thank yoy so much..i guess it ll work a lot for beginners like me…

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thanks for stopping by Prerna. <3 I am happy, the post is helpful for you. 🙂

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