10 Reasons To Celebrate Your Christmas Holidays In Goa!

Planning to spend your Christmas holidays in Goa? Can’t find enough reason to be there? Not sure of the craziness of the place? Well we give 10 reasons why you should spend your vacay at Goa. We have more than 100 reasons but we would spare you with just 10. 😀 *wink*

  1. Revisit Portuguese culture at Fontainhas! Go to the place where Portuguese landed almost 400 years ago. Witness the splendor of architecture in 4 centuries old villas and marvelous Goan food at sit-out eateries.
  2. You gotta try Feni! Get a bottle of cashew-feni or coconut-feni, Goan specialty and available nowhere except Goa. One of the best spirits Goa has to offer. Drink it with lemon juice and sugar syrup or just pour Limca in equal proportions. What you get?- A tasteless high with no hangover afterwards! 😀
  3. Take a drive to Candolim Beach! Need a place to chill with beautiful scenic ambience, multiple shacks and a crowd that does not care what are you upto? – Then go spend an evening at Candolim Beach.
  1. Floating Beauties! Have you ever been to a Floating Restro-Lounge? Or to a floating Casino? No! Then you must visit goa for this unique experience. Visit Casino Pride to gamble your way on floating casino and Flor Do Mar- India’s first floating lounge.
  2. Goan Rave Parties! Bitten by a party bug? Then you must visit Goa to dance your ass off on the trance music played all night almost everywhere in Goa.
  3. Sunburn! We need say more? 😀 There aint no party like Sunburn Goa! Electrifying atmosphere, badass DJs and jaw dropping music! Yayy!
  4. Ferry across Mandovi River! The ferry will take you to the other side of Goa, i.e. Panjim, where you can visit churches, shop and show your bargaining skills at flea markets. 😀
  5. Goan Barbeque! There are multiple places and shacks offering barbeque Goan food. Get your family together, indulge in some barbecue food and enjoy with local spirits. 😀
  6. Sunday Mass at Panjim Church! Want to start your Christmas with holy blessing? Go for a Sunday Mass at Panjim Church, which is by the way hugely popular and been shown in many movies as well.
  7. Visit Old Goa for astounding Churches! Especially the St Francias Xavier’s Church, it is known to be holding the exposition of the famous Catholic saint.

christmas holidays

I will back soon with Goa diaries post.

Till next post stay beautiful stay sexy. <3

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