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How are you all doing? As I write this post I struggle with my coffee in one hand, sub in other hand, laptop on my lap, sitting on a freezing chair at the airport. I have been living a life between Goa-Delhi for almost two months now. As you all know I have attended a wedding in Delhi and I am heading towards Goa. I am here again with another post in my wedding diaries. This time I am documenting the Mehndi dress and ceremony post!


For all those who still don’t know about Mehndi ceremony at weddings, well it is one of the important pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian weddings. Beautiful designs made of Henna(Mehndi) are put on the hands and feet of brides-to-be. As per the traditions, even the groom applies a bit of Mehndi on his hands as well as feet. This ceremony goes deep in the roots of Indian culture and it is associated with the tradition of India, where brides adorn Haldi, Mehendi to beautify themselves before their big day. It makes them look beautiful and majestic. I too had put beautiful designs made outta Henna on my Mehendi ceremony. Beautiful old days! <3

Now for this wedding I bought many designer clothes for various pre-wedding functions. However I decided to recycle my old stuff as well. I have tons of clothes I haven’t worn after wearing them once. These are mostly expensive things bought for many other occasions. So I decided to re-use one of my expensive, not-so-worn lehenga for Mehendi function. This is a piece I bought for a close friend’s wedding. It is a Jaipuri Lehenga green in color and Voila what could be a better color combination for Mehndi ceremony. 😀



I paired up this mehndi dress with green and gold bangles, beautiful gold Jewellery and with a pair of gold glittery sandals. I didn’t want to experiment much with make-up so I went with my signature bold lips and mascara eyes. This one look always works! 😀 I applied MAC Impassioned lipstick which gives one red-coral lovely hue and went with my regular eye-liner and mascara. I didn’t put in a lot of efforts for particularly this one but this is how I like to dress up on small functions, dress to the relevance! J

This is all for today. 😀

I hope you enjoyed my Delhi celebration diaries. I will back soon with more beachy and winter post. Till next post stay beautiful stay sexy. xoxo <3

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