Velvet Obsession in this winter fashion

Hello Lovelies!

It is such a pleasant day in Delhi today, a nip in the air, sun not too bright today, sips of hot chocolate.  Just a couple of days to move back to Goa again, in the bliss of another beautiful place but before that I’d make sure to make most of my time in Delhi. I would be visiting a few stores to hunt for my favorite wardrobe staple this year, velvet. Now you must be thinking why velvet? Well is there’s one piece after fur that can give me oh so lovely winter fashion its Velvet. Since the entire runway collection this year made velvet their showstopper why not we? So lets get started on the list we could use to shop velvet.

1. Velvet Jacket? – Oh so badass!
Velvet Jackets instantly makes one feel very fierce and it’s definitely
marks the presence at every gathering. Sporting velvet jacket has been a  loved choice of celebrity for a long time so     why not you try it? Don a velvet jacket this season and grab eyeballs.

Our pick- We are crushing over this Zara Jacket! The cost might pinch some of you, but it is totally worth the               splurge.


2. Velvet Dress? Do we need to even answer this? 😀
If you are looking for a head turner, then  velvet dress is everything. Velvet Dress gives that lavish princess feel and    is a treat to eyes for everyone who looks at it. Provided that it has a perfect quotient, velvet dress can be your best friend.

Our pick- This Zara Dress is one that piece we are completely digging at!


3. A Velvet Bag? -Hands down, Yes!
If you are not confident enough to don an entire velvet outfit, go for minimalistic velvet accessories that can give you oh-so-chic look within minutes. We heart how velvet bags gives on that oomph factor effortlessly and they make a great team for a down-toned outfit.

Our pick- This suede messenger bag from Zara ! Now all of you who are wondering this suede and not velvet, Chill guys, Suede is leather with the flesh side rubbed to make a velvety nap. So win-win! 😀

4. Velvet Shoes? –Who wouldn’t want that! <3
When accessories don’t work shoes spells magic, every time. So when in doubt go for velvety shoes with a neutral for bright outfit whatever pleases and we assure you, you would thank us later! 😀

Our pick- We heart these black wedges from Jabong. Black beauty to hypnotize!

5. Minimalistic Velvet- A headgear please!
Even if you want to keep the velvet quotient low in your entire look, velvet will never disappoint you. We say try chic velvet headgears to give your boring outfit an interesting touch. These could be head bands, bandanas, hair ties etc, whatever pleases you.

Our pick- How chic is this Zara Headband ! <3 We just cant get our eyes off it!

This is all from us for now, we will back super soon with more updates and love! :*

Till next post stay beautiful stay sexy. <3

*Image courtesy Zara and Jabong.


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