“If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men had found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is INDIA.”
-Romain Rolland


The land where love blooms in all colors, shapes, and sizes. We owe a lot to the land which has taught us everything in life right from being no one to being the only one. Life in India is not a cake walk every day there’s something new to learn. We should indeed take a bow for teaching what culture is and for worshipping women. The only place where love never dies. My India has never let me down there’s happiness in every street and every corner it has given us everything that we could ask for. It’s high time we start celebrating our land and help it flourish.

Here are ten things I love about India :


I think the synonym for India should be colored. Be proud Indians for, we are the land of color. Just take a stroll in your house you will find colors in every corner right from your kitchen your dresser your living room and even your praying room. It’s there everywhere starting from spices to our clothes and offerings. India is indeed a photographer’s dream. There’s a splash of colors even in our food. So yes, be proud folks we are colorful.


There’s no place on earth where families are as close as us. We are a family in no time. There are smiles everywhere. There’s respect in the air wherever you go love is in the air. We have traditions which hold us tight we are the land of emotion and love put in one. If your contacts don’t have a million relatives saved, then you aren’t Indian. Typical accept we are welcomes with hands open wherever we go, and nothing can beat our Sangeeths and celebrations. A place where marriage and tradition are sacred and worshipped.

3.Chai! Tea! Or whatever you call it :

The one thing I love is chai! There’s chai in every corner no matter if it’s a city or suburb or even a village there chai everywhere. North or south east or west there’s this milky sweetness ready to gulp and ease our mind in a flush. Life is better with chai by your side, especially with the Indian herbs and spices.

The variety, color, and devotion to religions in India are out of the world. We worship and love gods like our own. We celebrate the goodness in everything. It’s mesmerizing to see people be this devoted to the goodness of the universe. We consider life on earth sacred and do good in all ways. In spite of being religious, we share an equal respect for other religions and form one big religion of love.
5.FOOD :

For the love of food, India is one place where there are dishes which exceed the stars. There’s a new recipe evolving in every home every day. We still follow recipes that are a hundred years old. We create and cook with passion and heart. When it comes to serving love with food, there’s nobody like the Indians. We have dishes for every day and every climate and every season. If that’s not amazing then I wonder what is?

6.INDIAN MOVIES and the desi dancing :

Bollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood or Tollywood, etc, etc. we have movies with a mix of emotions. We dance we sing we cry we laugh we fight we love.Hips swirl in one direction while the torso twists in another and the shoulders go somewhere else entirely even as the head moves so violently, it could spin off the neck completely. We are one heck of dancers our dance moves will win the world. Our desi pop songs and our desi move along with our super drama movies can never be won over.


Sports arenas, sports fields, who needs them when we have galls, bits of the crate and an old tennis ball? Our love for Galli sports is unstoppable. India is not complete without people laugh and playing in the streets spreading happiness and making memories.

Should I say why? Common we have the best clothes that no country has ever seen or worn. Our colored saree’s and salwar are nowhere near Jean and skirts. And our jewelry good lord! I feel incredibly lucky for being an Indian. Our jumkhas, nose rings and bindis are why we are special. We Indians have the best of both worlds a mix of desi and modern.

9.YOGA :


While the other people are doing horrible things to their abs with sit-ups and crunches, we are standing on one hand with one leg wrapped around our heads, experiencing an inner, spiritual glow, because – aha! Yoga isn’t just a workout for the body; it’s also an exercise for the mind and soul.
10.UNITY :

No matter what or who you are when the team India wins the whole Indians hold hands and cheer and when there’s a riot in the south the north comes to rescue. No matter how we fight when it comes down to INDIA, we come together.

Pictures courtesy : PINTREST

Featured image bride- My beautiful friend and owner of The Bookish pandora handmade jewellery, Rupashri. <3

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    krupa (@IshtyleAwhile)

    You make some very valid points. Colours and clothes are definitely some of my favourites.

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thank you. <3

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    Such a beautiful compilation .

    • avatar
      Kajal Mishra

      😀 <3 Happy Independence day to all of us.

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    My Closet Diary

    I miss galli sports 😛

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      Kajal Mishra

      Yes, true. 😛

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    Deepika Verma

    I loved the post!! Totally in love with everything about India <3

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      Kajal Mishra


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