5 things to do in Kausani (Switzerland of India)

A trip to Kausani (Switzerland Of India)

I am here in Haldwani and enjoying the heavy rain of Uttarakhand and exploring some cities too. Last weekend we went to Kausani, a city in Uttarakhand well known as “Switzerland Of India” .

After a long stay at beachy area (Goa) I was covering this mountain beauty of nature. I was super excited. The road trip started from Haldwani to Kausani and it takes 6hr to reach. We enjoyed our road trip in mountain area in the beautiful rainy season. 🙂 In my 3 days I covered almost all places and enjoyed the beauty of nature.

In this post I am jotting down some must go places in Kausani, whenever you plan for Kausani trip.

  1. Baijnath Temple-  20 km from Kausani, there is ancient town baijnath, where you can find number small and big temples. Which shows the ancient cultures. Every temples has its historic and religious importance.
  2. Kausani Tea Estate- This place is paradise for tea lover. Here you will feel very close to nature. It is situated 5 kms distance from the main town and covered across the area of 208 hectares.
  3. Anashakti Ashram- This places is also known as Gandhi Ashram, It was during has stay here that Gandhiji annotations about Anashakti Yog known as ‘Geeta Anashakti Yog’. This is one of the most popular place to visit during your Kausani trip.
  4. Sumitranandan Pant museum- Sumitranandan Pant, a great Hindi poet was born in Kausani. This Pant museum is dedicated to his memory.  It offers a wide range of his creative work on display from manuscripts of poems and draft work of her literary work to his awards and letters written by and to him.
  5. Rudradhari falls and caves- At a distance of 12 kms from Kausani, bounded by the paddy fields and green pine forests is the spellbinding Rudradhari Falls. Located on the trekking way to Adi Kailash region, one can also explore the mysteries of the ancient caves lying near the falls.

Hope this post helped you in planning your next trip to Uttarakhand city. I visited Kausani in July but this was not the best time to go because the road became slippery in this rainy season. I will suggest you to go in March to May months that is perfect time to go so that you can enjoy sightseeing tour and outdoors activities. 🙂

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