In a day, we get cramped with things we want to do and things the world want us to do. From the minute you wake up to the moment you fall asleep there’s so much to do and to do it all you need a lot of energy and vibe. It would be amazing if it were never to fade, but then it does doesn’t it? While running time to time sometimes we start pushing our meal time to our flexibility. We keep scheduling it for later, and we even think this might help you lose a few pounds but let me tell you it isn’t and you are just screwing your food system, and that’s going to get you into a lot of trouble.
By leaving your stomach empty, you are making friends with tiredness and stress which brings along arguments and irritating-ness. Well apart from all that there are certain important things that you should never consider doing on an empty stomach


It’s a big NO! Do not take coffee/tea on an empty stomach. We usually have this morning ritual of having coffee just after you wake up. We just have this fantasy that coffee can make your day better. But say, no it doesn’t. Coffee on an empty stomach creates indigestion and heart burn that will last throughout the day, and it may even cause stomach ulcer and bowel syndrome. So if you feel extra stressed after it, it is the caffeine causing it. So before you start your day with coffee, it’s better to have a piece of bread or cake or even a bit of breakfast with it.


Well, unless your prescription says you are to take in on an empty stomach it is essential not to take meds on an empty stomach. There’s reason behind all this fiasco it is that meds are often concentrated syrups or antibiotics which your body may not take lightly. Consuming meds on an empty stomach can affect your inner organs and even cause bleeding or bowel syndrome. It’s too much for your body to handle it by itself so its the best to load your body will provide food and get it all prepared for the medicine attack.


We have this imaginary saying in our minds that it’s great to exercise on an empty stomach and that it might actually help you burn more fat which may be true on some level but I assure you that this is quite unhealthy. Its better to at least fill your system with nuts or water before you hit the gym. And as for intense workouts, it is a must to fuel your body with sufficient food. Working out on an empty stomach can result in a loss of muscle. When you workout is intense, and your body has no enough glycogen to fuel your muscles start burning instead of the fat. So start giving your body some fuel to burn.

Yes, spicy food is so good to taste but then it’s too much for your stomach to handle. Your stomach is a delicate part, and spicy food can hurt it. So you need to balance it by mixing it with less spicy or regular food, so it is well balanced for your stomach to digest. Tasty food on an empty stomach can cause heart burn and may even upset your system. So always remember to keep it well balanced.


Drinking on an empty stomach can hit you right up and make you high. Which will ruin your system and leave you intensely craving for food? It might also cause a bad hang over or even upset your system and make you want to puke. So before you celebrate make sure your stomach is at least half filled. It’s better that way and helps your morning crisis to some point.



Chewing gum destroys the lining of your stomach, the digestive juice that is produced while you are chewing gum is harmful to your body, and it may even lead to gastritis and studies says that chewing gum might make you crave for junk food. Chewing gum might seem like your best friend but it isn’t chewing gum for more than ten minutes might cause you some serious trouble.


Going to bed on an empty stomach might get in the middle of your sleep. It might leave you tired and constantly wake you. You will and turn and finally end up with a wild appetite the next morning. So it’s better to go to bed with a half loaded stomach which will put to sleep sooner and harmonize your system.


Citrus fruits are purely acidic, and acid on an empty stomach is a big NO! NO! Drinking/eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach may increase the acid level in your stomach and cause acidity. It might also cause irritating and is dangerous for people with gastritis, and it might develop for those who don’t.


Aerated drinks are quite similar to citrus fruits but more harmful. They are highly acidic and might add up to the acids in your stomach and raise the acid level. It might also affect your intestine and leave your stomach upset and sick.


So who doesn’t get grumpy when they are hungry. Hunger can produce enzymes which leave your body irritating and reduces your tolerance that you start arguing and fighting for nothing. It can also make you take a wrong decision that you will regret. You stop thinking when your stomach is empty and hence the chaos.


So never stay longer on an empty stomach. Food is what keeps you going so don’t post pond that meal of yours. Eat healthily and stay healthy.


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