Electrifying Bold MAC lipsticks to the rescue!

“If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack”

Give the woman the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world is so old school.Give the women the right shade of lipstick and she will conquer the universe is the new mantra that we chant. women come together when it comes to lipsticks there’s a color for every mood and every weather. There’s no girl who doesn’t want to wear lipstick, they have literally become our shields that we hold high to face the battle every day. So here we are to give you some of MAC’s best electrifying bold colors that will raise your standards.

1. Divine Divine:

This pretty pink will remind you of cotton candy.The luscious shade of pink is such a perfection. The shade works best on neutral to medium skin tone. It will definitely make you feel full of power and energy this season.

2. High Drama:

Ever wished for wine stains to stay longer? Then this is your pick! This deep dark shade of wine is a redefinition for its name. This hot shade will work with absolutely all skin tones and wreck buildings down your street.

3. MEHR:


This dirty pink with slight bluish undertone was created by Mickey contractor, the Indian makeup guru and is made to suit Indian skin tones. This rare yet magnificent shade is so fresh and completely levels up your look. You will feel out-of-a-magazine with just a smear.

4. Matte Royal :

This deep purple is out of the world.This color can conquer the world. You need nothing but this shade to make a striking statement you can wear it with anything and feel powerful over the world. It leaves a silky finish and makes sure it doesn’t dry and ruin your look.

5. Ruby Woo  :


‘Ruby Woo’ is a classic shade that is both electrifying and hot. The vibrant red shade will survive the end of the world without a smear. It has a blue-red undertone to it. The matte effect works well with this luminant red and will never leave the charts for hundred years to come.

6. Candy Yum Yum :

This candy like matte will make you drool over its shade. The neon shaded pink will pass electricity down your body. It highlights your lips and leaves your face ten times brighter. You can dab a bit and blend it during the day or go bold and sizzling with two coats.

7. Smoked Purple :

This smoked purple matte finish shade is all that a girl could ask for. A color so deep and dark, it is sure to make heads turn. The matte is thick and rich and makes you look like you just kissed the galaxy.

8. Lady Danger :


Talking about the best range of matte lipsticks by MAC, the ‘Lady Danger’ is not one to be missed. It is a very chic, vibrant, and classy coral orange shade. You won’t know a dull day with this shade in your makeup kit since it’s surely going to make you look gorgeous and vivacious.

9. Heroine MAC :


Yet another beautiful magenta-violet shade in the matte finish range, ‘Heroine’ is a recent addition to the family of purples by MAC.This shade will leave everyone tempted and will draw the attention of the world.This luscious beauty can change lives.

10. All Fired Up :


Fuschia’s been the rage that has been driving women crazy. This vibrant pink shade suits every skin tone and literally has everyone under its spell.

Picture courtesy: MAC.

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