10 things you will only learn from travelling!


Travelling is quite the dream for each one of us. We always see traveling as a vacation from our lives. We see it as a break from our regular life. But it isn’t, traveling is the real life. Life is all about what you learn in every step and not about what you bought. It’s more of unwrapping your layers and learning who you are. The primary purpose of our life on earth is to unravel the mystery of why we are here.

We don’t see it that way anymore; travel is not about the places you visit and the things you do, but it’s about how you get along with the changes. It’s all about what changes in you, within you.
You not only get a million memories when you travel but there are certain things that you can only learn when you go around exploring. The things you learn when you travel will change the way you perceive things. It will change you wholly and make you brighter, stronger and bolder.

Travelling isn’t a smooth road. You will never know what will strike. Someday you will have to wait for hours just to go to a place, or your car may stop in the middle of the road, or you might have to stay in an empty stomach for long, or you may have to stay awake for long. The thing that you learn from traveling is that nothing happens the way you want it and nothing will happen when you want it to. Things will happen only when they are ready to. So when you travel you will start accepting it, you will become a patient and calm person.

You will learn that you will never get it any sooner just because you are furious and start waiting for things to calm on its own.

2.DIFFERENT CULTURES/PEOPLE: when you travel to different parts of the world you will find different cultures and different traditions. You will also come across different people with different thoughts and lives. There’s nothing more surprising that getting to know the perception of another being. It will enlighten you in different areas and inspire you in a variety of ways. Every person you meet will add up to your life; they will change things in you and leave a mark in you that you will forever be grateful for.

When you start traveling, you will start living in the moment rather than thinking of things you could have done or things you want to do you start thinking of things you want to do. There will never be a perfect time for somethings than now. When you travel, you have very less time at a particular place, so you get to do things that you want to right then right that moment.So once you start tasting the present, you will stick with it. So the next time you will think before you push a schedule and start doing it right away.

As you start traveling often, you face a lot, especially when you are on your own or with a friend. Things will fall into your hands, and you are often forced to take risks. You get to decide and start learning from your mistakes. You start learning to judge and analyze in every step. Once you start doing things on your own and learn rather than asking someone for their opinion you start knowing your capability better. You will become robust and confident to face the whole world. You become prepared for anything that comes

In your journey, you will meet people with different stories. You will feel grateful for things that you have. Certain boundaries which held you back will widen themselves. You start to believe in little things too, and you will start seeing life beyond materialistic things. You will taste the good and bad and be prepared for both. You will learn to adapt and adjust beyond certain limits, and your perspective on life will broaden either way that will prepare you for the battle.

When you start traveling, you will find beauty in all forms. You will learn to appreciate the little things in life and start seeing things beyond their layers. You will find happiness in little things and be enlightened by its beauty. Your mind will start falling in love with nature and heal itself inside out. The blind shade of judgment will fade, that you will start finding things to fall for in everyone you meet. The chaotic world will not seem so chaotic anymore. You will learn to see beautiful things in this rebellious chaos too.

Every day, you will meet people with greater difficulties than you. You will find individuals who are suffering every day of their life and still gladly put a big smile on their face. You will see that everything in this beautiful world has its own sad story and nothing can stop that from happening. You will see how to face things and grow happiness in its place. As you come across such people, your problems won’t matter anymore. You will start accepting it and start taking things lightly that it will stop bothering you.

When you start exploring, you will unearth the secret f life. Every day outside your comfort zone will teach you a lesson which will take you closer to your purpose of life. You will start believing in the universe and start enjoying it. You will learn that life is beyond what we think it is, it is beyond humans. Your thoughts will start meaning more than getting your favorite clothing. You will start seeing things beyond its flesh and bones. You will unravel the true essence of life.

Little things are of greater value. Your Louis Vuitton shoes aren’t going to add purpose to your life. It will never show the kind of people you are. It won’t give you inner happiness. But sparing a minute or two with a child or helping a stranger or donating a penny will send down shivers down your spine that will forever leave you happy. You will start learning what matters in life and what doesn’t in every step.


Once you start seeing life beyond the four walls, you will learn to be grateful for what you are and what you have. You will start being happy with yourself. You will start feeling good about yourself. Making others happy will start mattering more. You will stop before you complain and start thinking of things you should be grateful for.


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