9 common makeup mistakes we all do!

We wear makeup not for you, but for ourselves’

Be it a 5-year-old or even a 40-year-old, we girls have this crazy obsession with makeup. Even for girls who aren’t into it, we at least love being near it or seeing it. Be it eye makeup or lip or the whole we find it comfortable. We girls love dolling up, don’t we? And experimenting different shades and different types are just so whimsical. I don’t know why but even the idea of making up and lip shades excites me wholly.

So coming back, apart from the paradisiacal feeling of wearing makeup there are a few fusses. Even the experts fail to get it the right time to time. But so what good things come with hard work. Yeah, you heard it right HARD WORK! Isn’t it? May it be Perfecting your winged liner or blending your contour it’s a huge victory.


Especially when you have minutes to do your makeup, the world might turn up against you. to help you out here we are helping you reduce the most commonly done makeup blunders


Mascara is my personal favourite. Do you ever wonder that it makes you look magical in just a poof! It’s like a magic wand in the land of makeup. But then it can go bad in a poof too. Too many coats are gonna lump your lashes. So always make sure you don’t overuse the product and make sure you change it timely. Don’t hold onto the same bottle for too just because it lasts. If you lashes have formed clumps don’t take off all your makeup in a fit of rage. Neaten the lashes by brushing through them with a clean, old mascara wand.


Nothing in the world can compete with the satisfaction you get over a perfectly winged eye. It makes you feel like a fairy yourself with your personal wings. But then, it could mostly end with a tragic climax too. You wing it unevenly and wobbly and ruin your eyes. It is a true curse, so next time you wing it go with the make-up hacks like using a bobby pin to trace the perfect wing. If you mess it up don’t rub it off but instead smudge it well and flaunt the smoky-eyed look. Add eyeshadow to it to hide your blunder.




Blush makes you quirky and cute. We have always envied having pink cheeks like the barbies. But too much of blush can make you look like a dork too. Unevenly blended blush can spoil your whole look by making your makeup look so made up. So when you blush, start with a mild rub and blend it well. If you’ve put too much colour on your cheeks, use your leftover base makeup to blend that out. Take your foundation or concealer brush or sponge, and just dab it on the area which has too much colour.


Eyeshadow is like a dash of sparkle dust sprinkled. There are so many exquisite colours to choose from for every occasion and every mood. There’s a colour for everything.But then too many options can be a bad thing too. Your heart falls for every shade there is and you end up picking the wrong colour that doesn’t blend with your outfit. Even if you pick the perfect shade make sure you blend it really well cause eye makeup is the risky area. It can pull own your whole look in a second. So always make sure you blend it smoothly and evenly so it is mild and classy.


As I told you, eye makeup is the risky area. Did you know the first thing that we notice in a person’s face is their eyebrows? It is what defines your face so over growing your brows might make you look creepy and plastic. The shape of your eyebrow decides your look and boxing it out wrongly like drawing a thick dark line may scare the shit out of people and ruin your day. So decide what suits your face and take a mascara wand and evenly comb your eyebrows upwards. It will neaten the look and get rid of the excess darkness. Dab some concealer on your brow bone, and above your brows, to define the area.


So before you go randomly picking the first concealer you find. It is advised that you wait and continue the search till you land your perfect shade that goes well with your skin. Did you know that there are like 50+ concealer shades to choose from? Not all your skin colours are the same. Everyone has a different skin tone. So everyone has a different shade. When you pick the wrong shade it makes it look so made up and might it hard for you to blend. In case you end up picking the wrong colour then mix it with primer or other lotions to make it easy on your skin to leave it evenly toned.


Over powdering is a true curse, it can make you look like you are ready for Halloween. The major reasons you end up looking over powdered is the texture of your skin. If you are a dry skinned person then moisture it well and use moisturising products to set the powder. Also using too much of product can leave you to look overly flaky and powdery. If you end up over powdering don’t rub it all off. Instead, use a mist spray and dab it evenly.



One major blunder we all make is forgetting all about the neck. When we contour the face evenly a perfectly we forget all about the neck which makes you look like your face doesn’t belong to your body. Which will frame the fact that you have been wearing makeup? Always remember to contour your neck while you are doing your face to set the even tone. You needn’t put a lot of work through it but yes, it needs to be contoured too for your face to belong to your own body. Using different products on your neck can also do the same. So contour it all together.


Lips! Lips! Lips! Who doesn’t like lipsticks? If you don’t, have you tried it? Well, lipsticks make you feel like the world is under your legs. You feel empowered with the right shade on your lips. Lip liners, on the other hand, can take back the power when overly lined. Always make sure that the shade of your liner goes well with the shade you are to wear. If it doesn’t then don’t wear it. If it does a bit, then apply thin lines and make sure it blends. Over-lined lips give everyone the creeps so do it well or don’t do it at all.

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    Neat tips for a makeup retard like me who always ends with one of these terrible mistakes – made a note and shall try to avoid them in future

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      Kajal Mishra

      Yeah Shalzmojo, we all do, these kind of mistakes. I am glad, you loved the post. Thanks! Keep watching this space for more useful posts.

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